First homebrew cycle ending - How much 6-Oxo & for how long?

  1. First homebrew cycle ending - How much 6-Oxo & for how long?

    My first 4-week homebrew cycle is finishing very nice - gained a few solid pounds; set some new PRs; and look more muscular overall.  All with minimal side effects (tender nips, slight acne 2nd week, great sleep!)

    My homebrew was 3gms 1-Test and 2gms 4-AD in 100ml of pure DMSO.  1.5ml, 2x per day (160gms of PH/day).  30 day cycle.

    This was a "light" cycle but I bought some 6-Oxo "just in case".

    Now, do I really need 6-Oxo after such a light cycle?  If not, I will save it for my next (heavier!) cycle.  If I do need it, how much and for how long?  How will I know if it's working?

  2. well I can't really say for sure whether it's enough to shut you down or not but I'd play it "better safe than sorry". Take 3 caps a day for 3 weeks (about how long a bottle will last) at night just before bed.

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