Help me Design my next cycle gents...

  1. Talking Help me Design my next cycle gents...

    What's the good word boys? I have quite a bit of goodies laying around and want to hear feedback on what I could put together for a 8-10 weeker...

    4-OHT cyp: absolutely love this stuff, painful as hell though!

    Tren enathate


    old Designer supplements 90 ct superdrol bottles

    old ALRI Methoxy TRN, TST, Max LMG

    I could also get some test phenyl prop or sust pretty easily...
    Looking for lean gains as it will be around olympia time

  2. I don't know much about

    old ALRI Methoxy TRN, TST, Max LMG

    simply b/c I haven't done my research on them.

    But I am a fan of running SD as a kickstart with a long ester of test and tren. My current cycle is close to this and I am just waiting for the tren to kick in. Superdrol's gains have been wonderfully lean for me this time around.

  3. Im not sure what 4-OHT is to be honest.

    But if you want clean lean gains id do.

    SD to kick start it, then test prop and if you extend it to 10 weeks throw in some EQ.
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