6 week cutting cycle

  1. 6 week cutting cycle

    Alright, getting ready for my next cycle, looking for any input you might have.

    So for my next cycle I'm thinking of this:
    T-1 Pro at moderate dosage for 6 weeks
    T-3 in a 10/40/50 taper up to 75-100 mcg
    Insulin 10-15iu post-workout or up to 4 times/week
    E/C/A - I'm not exactly sure about this, but I'm worried about lethargy, so I might take 1-3 ripped fuel a day.

    Cals at about 500 above maintenance, standard diet. Thinking I don't need to go below maintenance with the t-3, plus with insulin and the nutrients available I'm hoping to add a little lbm as well.


  2. eat, eat, and eat more, I ate everything in site with just the t1pro, and I still went from 180-187 lbs and went from 14% to 8% bf, only draw back was the lethargy for me.

    Good luck, I start my next cycle on monday...

  3. What type of insulin are you using, and what is the goal of the cycle to loose fat? If so drop the cals a bit.

  4. I'm using humulin-r, standard human type insulin.
    The hope of using the t3 was to not have to drop calories below maintenance, and keeping enough circulating nutrients to gain muscle at the same time given the insulin spikes and t1-pro.

  5. Ok, so I started my cycle up, ramping up the dosage of T3 and then frontloading with T1pro. So far, 3 days into T1pro and 5 into T3 (up to 75mcg).

    Well the frontloading with t1pro definitely had an effect, I'm already feeling pumped up all day and strength went up slightly. Definitely feel harder already. The calories are right above maintenance, and I decided to keep the insulin to twice a week after lagging bodyparts only, since fat loss is the main goal.

    Haven't needed to take e/c/a yet, either lethargy hasn't occurred yet, or the t3 is sufficiently stimulating me. Feel pretty hyper and warm all day, haven't had problems with hunger yet. My digestive tract is in hyper-mode though, goes in then comes right out like clockwork 20 minutes later.

    I'll add in my stats later to compare throughout, but in short I'm 184 pounds, and about 16% bf, trying to get down to 7% and add some strength.

  6. Update on my cycle:
    Well I've leaned out a bit, and weight has dropped to 182. Strength is up nicely, and I imagine I gained a little muscle and lost fat. However, I'm dropping calories lower as a result, since I'm more interested in pure fat loss. T3 did increase my appetite...so I've started taking 3 ripped fuels a day to counteract that and the 1test lethargy. I'm also starting cardio daily and 500mg usnic acid for two weeks. If strength begins to suffer I'll back down though.

    The mild headaches however are getting aggravating, and with that and 1test/4ad I'm frequently short tempered (not yelling/hitting...just sharp with people)


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