My T-1pro cycle results

  1. My T-1pro cycle results

    Where to start, Lets see I just finished a four week cycle on T-1pro at 4ml a day(or 2squirts/day) and I have to say the results were very satisfying. I was up at around 4000 cals/day, with an avg of 230-240g of protein also. Also took flax and a **** load of vitamins but I always take them.

    I wish I had some pics but my camera is screwed up. Before the cycle I weighed 216lbs with a 9%bf, also my height is 6'2''. My goal for this cycle was to get up to 230lb.

    Week 1:
    I ended week one weighing 222 and I noticed my arms specifically had gotten bigger. No lethargy and no sides whatsoever.

    Week 2:
    End the week at 223. No noticable weight gain but my entire body was def. bigger. No lethargy and no sides still.

    Week 3:
    Ended the week 225. This week I noticed very nice strength increases. All my weight went up and had incredible pumps. No lethargy and still no sides.

    Week 4:
    I ended my final week and made it to 229. I made it damn close huh. After this week my body was def bigger, all my lifts were up and my pumps were massive. A little bit of lethargy this week but other than that nothing.

    Overall I felt my energy levels were fine and my libido while on was crazy. Thank god I have a girl friend. Seriously my libido was through the roof. I had morning wood quite a bit.

    I have to say this stuff was great. Easily the best stuff I have ever taken. Also I forgot to mention this above I have been getting compliments like crazy. These compliments were especially nice since my older brother is usually the one who gets them from family and friends. He's been working out a lot longer but I'm slowly catching up. Even though I'm a good size, he's a big bastard. But hey nothing fuels the fire more than a sibling rivarly.

    Lastly I want to thank everyone who's answered my questions on the board I have learned a lot and am now passing that knowledge on to lots of other people. This board is great and I say that because everytime I sign on I learn something new. There's never any stale topics in here that's for sure.
    Thanks everyone and by the way damn that Nolv taste like straight ass. That taste is uncalled for. I'm cringing just thinking about my nightly dose. Late.

  2. Forgot to mention above but for post cycle I'm going with Nolv at 40mg 1st week, then 20mg/day for two more weeks. Other supps are ZMA and creatine. Also I am keeping cals high until next month when I'm going to use the rest of my T-1pro for a cutting cycle.

  3. Great job man, sounds like you had a great cycle. I am looking really forward to starting mine in a couple days!!!

  4. Kick ass bro. Sounds like you had a great cycle.

  5. Thanks bros, I busted ass through this whole cycle.

  6. FishBonz
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    Great job on your cycle bro. Thanks for the updates also.

    Also, you mentioned you are going to use the rest of the T-1 Pro for a cuttling cycle. Could you outline how you will do this.


  7. To use to T-1pro to cut I'm going to change my nutritional intake. Mainly going to eat as clean as possible and eat about 500 under my maintenance cals which would be about 3173.2 to be exact. I'm also going to watch my carb intake and keep my protein at around 1-1.25g per pound of weight.
    I don't have a definate plan yet because I just got off this cycle but I'm still researching the best methods myself. I also might make T-Heat to use while on. As for other supps I'm trying to find out myself if and ECA stack or usnic acid would be good to take with it.
    Also will def. be incorporating cardio into my routine. Probably not to much running but more speed walking to ensure I just burn cals and not muscle. late

  8. HOLY ****! Someone used T-1 PRO like it is was designed (2 four week cycles) and had good gains? Surely you must be kidding me!

    As an example to all that may read this: T-1 PRO will give good gains with the recommended dose and last for 8 WEEKS! There is no need wasting the WHOLE BOTTLE on one 4 week cycle when you can stretch it to 8 weeks TOTAL and get roughly the same gains. Just ask jminis

    Congratulations on your cycle jminis! You are a text book example of what a controlled and strict diet coupled with an intense workout regime will do for someone! Let us know how it goes with the 4 week cutting...


  9. Thanks Chemo and I'll actually be starting that cutting cycle in 2 weeks. My arsenal with consist of 3 things T-1pro, EC stack, and a clean diet. Anyway i'll keep it updated and post my results. By the way as of now 2 weeks later I'm at 228lbs and lookin good, but will be looking better in 6 weeks. late

  10. jminis I would like to know more on your cutting cycle as you get it devloped. I have my stuff on the way now from BDC and am getting ready to start.

    Good job on your scycle too bro.

    And get that handy cam fixed

  11. No Problem Ratchet. It's not all devised yet but when it is I'll post it. Late

  12. Sorry to bring back old post.. so it is 1st week on, 2nd off, 3rd on 4th off?

  13. ?
    on all 4 weeks

  14. Bro I was on all 4 weeks, I was a little surprised when I saw this thread up, brought back some memories

  15. Hell in all honesty, I like T1Pro better than M1T.

  16. I've only done 2 cycles, and they were both 1-ad with 4-ad. The strength gains were awesome. Added 90lbs to my squat rep each time. A total of 180lbs. Ended squating 405 x 15. I'm not seeing (READING) nearly those type of strength gains from the M1T -- but I've bought a lot and am going to give it a run.
    Probably will gain weight faster, not nearly the strength, nastier sides (relative), but quicker gains.

  17. The sides with m1t are def worse then t1pro. M1t's sides effects just seem to hit you whereas t1pro just gradually come in. As far as which one is better, it's up in the air. Both have positive and negative attributes. I think M1T could be a great cutter because it destroys your appetite.
  18. M1t sides

    yeah man the sides hit me hard round day five seveer headaches tired as hell i could sleep for 10 hours I was always hungry this was on 20ed I only lasted one week! I gonna try again at 10ed....20ed had me sick


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