Winny alone cycle help

  1. Winny alone cycle help

    I have enough for a ten week cycle, but I am thinking about splitting it up into 5 week cycles. One now, and one over winter perhaps. However, I was not sure what I could take while taking an injectable winny. I currently have been taken rebound xt to control estrogen, yet I have heard that is not so much of an estrogen blocker, just controller. Is an estrogen blocker while on winstrol a must? If so, which one. I also have nolvadex which I took after the SD and PP cycles. Would you guys reccommend any test. or could I get by with winstrol alone, because size is not so much of a concern, while cutting down a bit is. Also, I was thinking about two injections of 1CC each making it 2CCs total per week for either 5 or the full ten weeks. Any comments on this will be helpful as well. Thank you, and remarks are much appreciated.

  2. you winny should be estherless and therefore would need ed injections eod at the least but everyday is much better I use to pin my winny 2x a day

  3. Let me be the first (but not the last) to inform you that winny only cycles are a complete waste. If you're going to go through the trouble of pinning ED or EOD, make it worthwhile and do test, tren, or both in the same barrel. Winny is horrible for your lipids and even worse for your joints. I've used it twice and the negatives outweighed the positives both times. And this crap that people believe "winny will get me shredded" is just that, crap. Winny will make your muscles appear slightly harder, but as far as being ripped and vascular, that's all diet and cardio. Do what you want, but i'd trash that stuff or at least wait until you have something to stack it with.

  4. I've heard this before. Maybe that's why most are also saying don't do a Megazol stand alone, (whinny emulating designer).

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