2 cyclces of SD or 1 full blown cycle

  1. 2 cyclces of SD or 1 full blown cycle

    Ok, I have enough superdrol to complete (2) 10 20 30 cycles of Superdrol

    My question is this. Would it be better to run the above scenario 2x, like once in December then again in May, or do you think the gains will be better if I run a full blwon cycle at 10 20 30 30 or 10 20 30 40

    Please please please, do not talk about severity of running for 4 weeks, I just want to know which will produce the better gains.

    Thanks guys.

    EDIT: It is basically like which is more efficient. I'm sure I'll get 20lbs off of 10 20 30, but I wonder if cutting it short from 4 weeks and just running another cycle a few months later at 10 20 30 could lead to another 20lbs gain. Or there about.

  2. All depends on how your body reacts to Superdrol. If you have run 4 week cycles with low-to-tolerable sides, decent bloodwork and did not see severely diminishing gains they could be a route to go down.

  3. yes it really depends on your body because some people stop gaining at 3 weeks and some people continue to gain are you looking for mass or strength. I find formyself mass levels off between 2-3 weeks but strength continued whole cycle when i ran a 30 day.

  4. Moving this to cycle info.
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    What makes you think you need to run 10,20,30 and then up to 40 if you go 4 weeks?

    What is your body weight now?
    What is your cycle experience?
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  6. I need higher doses of everything, but 20mg of SD was more then enough for me. Also I start at 20mg then drop to 10 mg, it builds up in your body and there is no way you need 40mg.
    Also SD takes a toll on your lipid profile (I had blood work before during after cycle), so I wouldn't run it for more then 3 weeks.

  7. Why not just pick up another bottle of superdrol and run it at a steady amount. Plan on running it as long as you see good gains but no longer than 4 weeks? Then you will still have enough to go for round two later in the year if you want. Maybe just try 20mg first the whole time. Most don't seem to need more as many have said.

  8. I personally got talked out of doing SD at 30mgs. For my weight 190ish, I couldn't justify the additional risks vs. benefits. I did extremely well on my first 10,20,20. For God's sake, I would definately skip the 40mg idea unless you're a super huge or just plain glutton for punishment. I don't see any problem going up to 4 weeks if you're still making good gains. What was your first SD cycle like and how did you respond?

    On a side note, I started a second SD cycle 3 days ago and it's 20-20-20 (I will contemplate a 4th wk @ 20mg at that time.) My first cycle, I didn't notice any effect until atleast 1 1/2 weeks in. For what it's worth, my 20mgs are kicking already big time. I'm very surprised. I pushed around weights today like they were toys (okay, overexaggeration) but what a massive pump I had. I'm not in the habit off checking myself out in the mirrors at the gym (or atleast try not to get caught..lol) but today call me Narcissis! I couldn't get over how swollen every muscle was.

    Back to the original topic (sorry to hijack), my opinion is to either go 10,20,30 or 20,20,20. If you do choose a 4th week, I wouldn't push the dosage up. Just mho.


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