day 15 update on MASS cycle (LONG)

  1. day 15 update on MASS cycle (LONG)

    HI Guys:

    Yesterday was day 15 on my quest to MONSTER UP.

    Weight has gone up 7lbs I am happy Diet has sucked the past three days though had to fast though for xrays so it was expected. Despite that doing good 14lbs to go to reach goal.

    over the 15 day period i have had a calorie surplus of
    8257 calories / 15 days = 550 surplus cals a day. This is a surplus over total calories burned I used this method
    BRM+daily activities = matienace so calories are adjusted daily. I have been eating a high amount of carbs as i started off with s-drol for 2.5 weeks ending this weekend. I find s-drol responds to a higher carb diet best for me.

    Here is how the weight gain has looked
    day 5 up 2lbs from start
    day 10 up 6.5 lbs from start
    day 15 up 7lb fros start i attribute this slow down to 3 days of bad diet.

    Here are how the work outs have progressed.

    Besides shoulders I have only had 2 workouts on each major group 1 on legs day 2 legs is today so here is the improvements. I am only putting the movements that stayed the same. lbs for legs are probablly going to go down considerablly as I might have to an MRI on my knees. and have tendonitis in my lower right leg. Got to love MMA lol

    WEEK 1

    Dumbell Rows: 2x5 60lbs 2x5 65lbs
    Lat Pulldowns: 4x6 160lbs

    WEEK 2

    Dumbell Rows: 2x6 65lbs 2x6 70lbs
    Lat Pulldowns: 1x6 165lbs 3x6 175lbs


    WEEK 1
    Flat Bench: 1x10 135lbs 1x6 185lbs 1x1 215lbs .
    1x4 negatives 235lbs

    WEEK 2
    Flat Bench 2x8 95lbs 1x6 185lbs 1x5 205lbs 1rep max 230lbs (up 15lbs from day 1 275 is the goal for this cycle)

    WEEK 1
    Barbell curls: 2x6 73lbs 1x4 93lbs 1x6 83lbs
    Hammer curls: 2x6 40lbs 2x6 45lbs
    tricep pushdowns: 2x6 120lbs 2x6 132lbs

    WEEK 2
    Barbell curls: 1x6 83lbs 2x6 93lbs 1x4 103lbs
    Hammer curls: 2x6 45lbs 2x6 50lbs
    tricep pushdowns: 3x6 132lbs

    WEEK 1

    Seated leg presses: 1x10 210lbs 270lbs 2x8 310lbs 2x6 350lbs
    Calf raises: 4x6 240lbs Calf raises toes in 3x10 250lbs

  2. What are you using? I'm assuming a PH.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Ziricote
    What are you using? I'm assuming a PH.
    i have a pretty big stack going 4 compounds not mentioning anti e's and supports. which is one of the reasons I am not listing them and dosages I don't want some newbie to read my stack and try and copy it espcecially since I am using a jump start method. I can tell you it's a mix of oral and injectible. If you haven't read any of my past logs I will tell you I did my first anabolic steroids cycle approx 10 years so i have a good deal of experience. I also compete semi pro ( i say semi pro because I get paid i just don't make a living at it i'm not that good lol) the reason for this cycle is to go up in weight class and the plan has been laid out by my trainers and I. I also know my body well and don't mind adjusting dosages or stopping compounds mid cycle if sides are apparent. I have used all compounds several times so know what sides come from what compounds. I will probally list compounds and dosages at the end of the cycle as they have already changed during the cycle but i have a detailed log of everything taken each day.

  4. Ah right, understood. Best of luck

  5. hi All yesterday was day 20 update. up total 9-10lbs pounds. down to 3 compounds right now. S-drol and M-trn stopped on day 18 they were used as a jump start for 2.5 weeks. Yesterday was Chest 210lbs x 4 and 1 rep max 240lbs up 10lbs from last week. 275 should be in reach. Still using a MAX OT style workout very happy so far approx .5lbs a day we'll see how strength goes once the cyp starts kicking. I am running the new pheradrol from nutraplantet incase anyone is interested



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