Started Test/EQ/D-bol cycle

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  1. Started Test/EQ/D-bol cycle

    What's up bro's, I'm going to be keeping a journal of my D-bol,test enanthate, and eq cycle. It's gonna be run like this

    Test 500mg 1-10
    Eq 400mg 1-10 Frontload 800mg first two weeks
    D-bol 30mg 7-12 Running at end because just coming off injury
    Arim .25mg 1-15
    Clomid 13-15 Standard 300mg,100mg,50mg dosing
    Starting body weight 170 bf 14% Height 5'9''

    Did first shot monday april 21 of 250mg test, 200mg eq in left delt. Used a 5/8 inch 25ga pin, and felt a pain the next day. Didn't expect to as i thought these shots were supposed to be painless. My buddy did the same thing but used a 22ga and shot 1cc in both delts but had zero pain. Do you figure it was too much liquid or too small of a needle which caused my pain?

  2. Pin in your upper thigh. Its way better I found.. No pain at all. Unless you do prop or sus... Keep us posted.. Talk to ya...
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  3. most likely your pain steming from too much per area. Delts/tri/bis are pretty standard for a max of 1cc's. havent shot up yet however this the consciensus on many boards. When i start my own test enth/dbol cycle, i will shoot in my left/right delts, rotating it along with R/L thighs and bis. To give each area 3 week between shots (2 shots per week @ 2cc's) We will see if my delts/bis can handle 2mL per shot. Sage

  4. man, thats such a good quality cycle for putting on mass, just promise me you will eat like you have never eaten before!!!!

  5. Yeah, i'm gonna 1/2 cc in each bicep tonight of eq, thanks for the info bros!

  6. Personally I like the glutes for a longer test ester.. now with prop.. it is just were ever I can find a good site

  7. I'll see what the pain is like in the bi's, i'm just basically trying to promote growth there or else i wouldn't ever consider it.

  8. Sounds like a great stack dude.How many cals are you talking in?

  9. Shot the biceps last night, no pain feels like i got a good bicep workout is all. I don't keep track of cals only protein. Trying to hit 350g everyday, ususally need 3 or 4 shakes to do this though or else i'd spend my whole day cooking hehe. Hitting the gym tomorrow for the first day since i've been on, don't expect a difference yet but i'll let you know how it goes.

  10. Why not wait until entirely healed, then jump start with the dbol.

  11. Hehe, having 100ml of gear in front of you doesn't help much
    I've been waiting to do this cycle since march and can't wait any longer.

  12. Buddy of mine started same cycle but using d-bol up front on tuesday, and was wondering when does d-bol usually kick in?

  13. Heres a couple pics, too fat for my liking but came off injury of over two months so i started my cycle a heavier than i'd wish. What do you guys think bf% is? Caliper reads 14-15% but that seems low in my opinion what do you bros think?
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  14. Back shot
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  15. Hehe, you're everywhere. I'd say that's about right.

  16. Hehe, don't go over to fitnessgeared in the pics forum or anything hehe

  17. Today weighed in at 174 all water weight i assume, should mention that i've not started taking arim just yet, will wait another week or so. Didn't feel any different in gym but that will change soon hehe
    Did a CC of Eq in right quad yesterday after talking with curt, no pain at all. Will shoot another in left quad tonight. I don't know if i'm just shakey when injecting in my shoulders or what, but my delts fukin kill. I'll probably get someone to do my right shoulder for now on or ditch delt injects altogether. Probably try a pec inject on monday, i'll let you guys know how that goes.

  18. KC, what's your workout program look like?

  19. Did left quad no pain yesterday, and gonna hit the gym in a hour. My W/O routine looks like the following :

    Back/ Bi/Abs

    Don't really have a constant routine as i like to change it up a bit. Was working a 4on 4off sched where i could only work out on days off which kinda sucked. Start tomorrow back to normal mon,tues,thurs,fri.

  20. Well boys, said fuk it and started d-bol today. My shoulder feels really good so i hope i don't **** it up but i had the hit the d. My buddy is lovin it so far in his cycle so he got me convinced. Man does that **** taste HORRIBLE though hehe.

  21. Did 3cc's (two eq one test) monday in my right quad, man that ****in hurt. Couldn't do legs yesterday cause of it, hit up chest for a light workout. Will be weighing myself tomorrow and hitting the gym will let you know how the d-bol feels, think it should kick in by then.

  22. Oh ya forgot to mention, don't know if this is mental or what but i never get many veins in my chest and today i was looking/flexing it in and out and my fukin chest looked like a trail map. Only 10 days in could the eq vascularity effect be kicking in already? My whole body is pumped full of water, bis are up at least 1/2 inch and hard as ****.

  23. Just did a cc in each bi aswell as one in the quad. Weighed in today at 178 today, felt the d-bol a little, squatted 335lbs for 8 reps on my last set, never dared that to do that much weight on last set, felt great! Should also note, i started the liquid arimidex today as the bloat was getting pretty bad, .25mg a day. Won't hit gym till monday and i'll update then.

  24. To update, wasn't planning on hittin the gym till monday but ended up going on friday aswell. Weighed in at 180lbs total of 10lbs in 12 days. Had the craziest pain in biceps though, injected both thursday night as stated above but no pain until like 5 in the morning friday. It's gone today but man was it painful, couldn't extend arms fully without gasping in pain. Got looked at funny as i worked out bis yesterday and during every set i was grunting in pain hehe. Nips started to have a little rug burn feeling so i've started taking 1mg arim a day until they fell normal. I'll update on monday.

  25. thats great gains so far brah. Im keeping an eye on this thread (this being your first cycle and using very similar aas/dosage as im planning on doing later this month...minus the eq and dbol moved up to the front stage of cycle, although it seems like you did as well) keep it up du' Sage


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