Started Test/EQ/D-bol cycle

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  1. Sounds good. Man keep upi the hard work. TTY

  2. You're gonna play again? I'm taking a red shirt year and going to play next year. What position do you play. Not many 5'11" 200lbs middle infielders! Great gains good job. Do you feel harder now that you are taking the Arimidex?

  3. I played center field last year, probably stay in the field again. I'm just gonna play a mens league, competitive but fun at the same time. Yes i feel harder now, i switched to femara 1.25mg every other day as my arim ran out and read that femara is stronger. My biceps are probably my biggest improvent so far, and i love a day or two after injecting them as they feel rock hard.

  4. I got carried away and have shot a total of 6cc's in my arms the last two days! Side and rear tri's and bi's 1 each. They feel great! I will probably play a mens league this year to stay in shape and keep my timing. Watch out for the "weekend warriors" they come to kill! They'll throw at your head everytime if they think you're better than them.

  5. Also forgot to mention about sides, the only one that i've experienced so far is acne through my hair and scalp, none noticable so i can live with that. Keeping an eye on my hair line aswell, using the hairsavers pack from nizoral man just incase but i've not noticed any loss yet.


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