Started Test/EQ/D-bol cycle

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  1. Great start! D's are great for those quick gains huh? I can't do my delts either. I've been sticking with side and rear tri's and my bi's. might try quads but I'm a little hesitant. Do you like it there the best? I think I'm gonna do my bi's and tri's whenever they aren't sore. They've grown almost a half an inch on 4 shots in 4 days! All swelling I'm sure but its all good! Keep updating.

  2. I like quads the best so far, I HAVE to have someone do my delts as i cause too much pain. I'm going to try pec injections tonight, they're gonna be sore anyways as i did a crazy chest workout today. I'm up to 185lbs now by the way, i started taking 20mg of nolva aswell today as my left nipple has been sore. Better to be safe than sorry.

  3. Forgot to mention, had to ditch the gram a day of ALA as it gave me this damn rash
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  4. Man, that is an excellent cycle! Good luck bud, and eat like a mofo!

  5. I'm tryin i'm tryin

  6. Today is day 22 of cycle, My weight dropped down 5 lbs when i started the arimidex, but has climed back up and has stayed steady at 185 for the last 5 or so days. I definately feel less bloat now so i know that i'm gaining mass. Injected last night in the quads (1 CC in each) and will do bi injects on thursday as i want them to swell up like a mofo for the weekend.
    I definately started noticing the test today in the gym, weights are feeling lighter and i have a lot more energy in the gym, stamina wise. Didn't feel this way from the d-bol, and I got another 9 weeks ahead of me and i can't wait LOL!!!!

  7. What do you mean you didn't feel this from the dbol? Did you stop using them? They should give you great pumps and swell you up real quick.

  8. I haven't stopped them, i just don't feel the way i do now rather than when the d-bol was the only thing that had kicked in. It definately swelled me up though, just didn't give me the energy that the test is.

  9. Oh definetly. Test is man's FUEL! Dbol is good for quick bloat and massive strength gains. But my experience with it I actually felt lazier except when I was in the weight room. Probably cause my body couldn't handle that fast of gains. I meant to say great job so far before but forgot. 15lbs in 3 weeks is awesome especially with taking arimidex. When will you check your BF% again? this site offers an estimate of bf% and seems pretty close to mine and my bro's actual % so it should be close. It can also help set goals as in waist and weight. Good luck let us know the estimate!

  10. I'll do it right now, hold up.

  11. Did 3 different times, and got between 13.0 to 13.7%

  12. did you put in different weights or waist size? waiste size makes the biggest diff obviously. That's really good then.

  13. I used a caliper.

  14. Electronic one that calculates for ya.

  15. Well today is day 30 and my weight is up to 187lbs. Definately increasing mass, i'm getting asked all the time if i'm juicing as that's what everyone assumes whether you are or not. Strength hasn't been a huge difference like i thought it would be but it's definately going up, added 25lbs to deads, 20 to hammerstrength back rows and keeping my bench the same but pumping out more reps. My shoulder is still buggin me but i'm going to physio twice a week so hopefully it gets better so i can play ball this year.

  16. Sounds good. Man keep upi the hard work. TTY
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  17. You're gonna play again? I'm taking a red shirt year and going to play next year. What position do you play. Not many 5'11" 200lbs middle infielders! Great gains good job. Do you feel harder now that you are taking the Arimidex?

  18. I played center field last year, probably stay in the field again. I'm just gonna play a mens league, competitive but fun at the same time. Yes i feel harder now, i switched to femara 1.25mg every other day as my arim ran out and read that femara is stronger. My biceps are probably my biggest improvent so far, and i love a day or two after injecting them as they feel rock hard.

  19. I got carried away and have shot a total of 6cc's in my arms the last two days! Side and rear tri's and bi's 1 each. They feel great! I will probably play a mens league this year to stay in shape and keep my timing. Watch out for the "weekend warriors" they come to kill! They'll throw at your head everytime if they think you're better than them.

  20. Also forgot to mention about sides, the only one that i've experienced so far is acne through my hair and scalp, none noticable so i can live with that. Keeping an eye on my hair line aswell, using the hairsavers pack from nizoral man just incase but i've not noticed any loss yet.


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