Pheraplex dose timing

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    Pheraplex dose timing

    So from I have heard so far the best way to take the pheraplex is basically just to be consistent with the times and spread them as evenly as possible. I am on my 10 day of the cycle and I have been making some really good gains in size and strength.

    I just had one question, I have been trying to spread the dose at 7am and 5pm for my 20mg weeks. The only thing is since I have been out of school I have been sleeping a little later than that. So the first dose lately has been around 9am-10am and the second around 6pm-6:30. Is this change going to make or break me or does it even matter as long as I am spreading them out?

  2. This shouldnt be a big deal, you should be fine.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by idunk42
    This shouldnt be a big deal, you should be fine.

    Yea I agree, just try and keep it biggy if you stray a bit though.

  4. As stated above you should be fine. Remember the idea is to keep hormone levels as stable as possible. So with a 2x dosing it's 12 hours apart, with 3x it's 8.

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