Iron's Contest Prep Cycle: TST/TRN/ZOL

  1. Iron's Contest Prep Cycle: TST/TRN/ZOL

    Hello friends. It's about that time again. I'm planning on starting the following cycle on June 12th. I already had posted the idea previously and got some good responses. Changed the dosing and schedule around a bit and this is what the plan is. Also, please note that this is going to be my contest prep cycle to cut for a show on July 22nd.

    As my last cycle of Phera was mainly for lean gains, this is going to be to keep muscle from deteriorating during my cut.

    Right now I am around 203~4 lbs, at approximately 10% BF. I started cutting on monday and have a 9 week plan in place, hopefully bring me down 4~5% BF.

    Getting down to the nitty gritty...

    TST 2mg/TRN 0mg/ZOL 100mg
    TST 2mg/TRN 0mg/ZOL 100mg
    TST 4mg/TRN 2mg/ZOL 150mg
    TST 4mg/TRN 2mg/ZOL 150mg
    TST 0mg/TRN 4mg/ZOL 200mg
    TST 0mg/TRN 4mg/ZOL 200mg

    I really think this is going to help preserve lean body mass as well as promote hardness and vascularity.

    Alongside of the cycle, I will be running the following supplements:
    BCAAs 5mgs twice a day
    Ephedrine-Caffeine-Green Tea stack 25-200-500 twice a day
    Multi twice a day
    Fish Oil twice a day
    Xpel 10 days out from the contest, I will be dropping the ECG stack.

    As for support supplements:
    ( I was planning on using Anabolic Innovations cycle support but I realized how much I actually had sitting around, Im going to wait until next time fellas, sorry, youre still the **** though)
    NAC, Milk Thistle, Hawthorn Berries, RYR, Co-Q10

    post cycle therapy looks like this:
    (pretty much your average 4 week protocol)
    Nolva 40/30/30/20
    Rebound XT 25/50/50/75
    Retain: 3/3/3/3
    CEE, Powerfull and ZMA will be added here as well.

    My training is the following:
    Monday: Quads/Biceps/Abs/Calves
    Tuesday: Chest/Abs/Cardio
    Wednesday: Back/Abs/Cardio
    Thursday: Hams/L. Back/Triceps/Calves/Abs/Cardio
    Friday: Delts/Traps/Forearms/Calves/Abs/Cardio
    Saturday: Cardio/Abs
    Sunday: Cardio/Abs
    *Cardio will be 20-30 minutes and slow.
    **Abs are all bodyweight exercises
    ***Calves are 5-7 sets

    The diet looks like this right now:
    (Maintenance calories)
    See attached spreadsheet.
    Ill keep you guys informed as of any changes to my diet.

    I guess that about wraps it up. I will be monitoring BP very closely, as I had some problems during my last cycle and will be taking stimulants with compounds that have stimulant properties.

    So you guys want me to let you know how everything turns out or what?

    :bb: :bb3: :bb2:
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  2. Cycle looks solid bro. Good luck with this I'll be watching.

  3. good cycle do you have any pics?

  4. is that the show in pittsburgh?

  5. bump for current pics

  6. Bump to tell you that I just ate an entire double-cheese and Pepporoni pizza for my cheat meal Iron..I just thought you might want to know..But seriously bro, kill em at your contest

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Mulletsoldier
    Bump to tell you that I just ate an entire double-cheese and Pepporoni pizza for my cheat meal Iron..I just thought you might want to know..But seriously bro, kill em at your contest


    And for everyone who wants pics, give me til tuesday and I should be able to get some up.

  8. I figured I should let you in on what I am taking right now. As my diet and training is exactly what is posted above.

    But right now I am taking:
    EC 25/200 x 2
    PowerFULL 6caps
    Fish Oil w/ meals 1 and 3
    Multi w/ meals 1 and 3
    5mgs BCAA x 2 (morning and preworkout)
    2.5mgs CEE x 2 (morning and preworkout)
    ZMA (3 caps)

  9. Best of luck and stay strong man!

  10. Just added Green Tea @ 500mgs twice a day, today...

  11. Update BRO???

  12. PI, you punked out..hehe..Where are ya man?

  13. That cycle looks great, got any updates yet?

  14. Sorry guys, I have to put this one on hold for a a little while. I am going to do it still, just probably not for a nother month or so.

    I apologize.


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