This is my first time posting a thread so im not sure if im doing this right.I am a college football reciever and I need some help getting started with a cycle. I am 6'3 208 with 15% body fat. I would like to start a cutting cycle with some of the stuff I have left over from my previous cycle. I have 50 mg of estanozolol 50, 150 tablets of cynomel, 80 tabs of clenbuterol (oxyflux), 40 tabs of omnifin (clomid), 7,500 UI of gonadotrofina, a small amount of reforbit-B, 24 tabs of these blue winstrol pils. I have been taking clenbuterol for the past 3 weeks going two days two days off and I am up to 100 mcg starting my fourth week. My goal of this is to gain strength, speed, and loose body fat. I am not trying to put on too much weight, my goal is to be around 210-215 by the end of july. Can anyone help me?