Need a little help here deciding which oral (or stack) cycle to run starting June 1st. I had pretty much decided to run TRN/TST for 4 weeks but now I am wavering. I have most everything available as I have bottles of superdrol, PP, Halo, Prostan, TST, TRN, and even some Finigenx (might be looking to get rid of this...PM me).

Being that it is getting to be beach season I am looking to keep this cycle lean without the addition of much fat. I am currently 6' 205lbs and I have run two cycles so far, Halo/Prostan and PP/Fini, with decent results. I am being tempted by the bottle of SD since everyone seems to get great gains from it. However, the effects on lipids and liver function seem brutal and I'm not sure I am willing to do that to myself. My goal of the cycle would be lean mass gains and I'm not really worried too much about strength gains for this one.

From what I am seeing, most people are not noticing major mass gains with the TRN/TST cycle although I think it was Mr. 50 who put on some serious size with it. He also had Bobo to thank for that too Anyway, based on what I have available and my goals what do you guys think would be a nice lean mass cycle. I seriously appreciate your help and look forward to the suggestions. Take care.