1. M1t

    Going to start on M1T and would like some PCT advice!

  2. Mate theres a universe of info about M1T here on this site if you could be bothered to do some searching.

    Do that and anything you need to know will be answered.

    My 4 top tips:

    If this is your first cycle of something, leave it alone, do something else / sort out diet and training first.

    If you are under 21, leave AAS alone altogether

    Your PCT must have Tamox in it, which you must have in your possession before starting. This is not all you want to consider.

    Search before asking questions or nobody will want to help you. Know the dangers of this product.


  3. Bump.

    Be careful and be informed.

  4. Good advice above. There are many better choices than M1T, its a very powerful and toxic steroid with several potential side effects, including extreme lethargy, prolonged suppression. Know to rapidly reduce HDL to single digits.

    If you MUST use it try stacking it with 4AD to reduce the lethargy, but best avoid it all together.

  5. dont do it get some Pheraplex. Check out my PheraPLEX Log



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