cycle change...too late?

  1. cycle change...too late?

    Well i usually don't post mostly i just research but i'm really looking for advice.
    First off i'm 4 weeks into my First cycle
    Here is my cycle:
    10 weeks
    500mg test e/week 1-10
    60mg oral turinabol/day 1-6

    how ever my friend ordered A LOT of extra anadrol and he was offering the extra to me for cheap (nice guy...$/4 tabs instead of the usual $/tab, plus 7 tabs free) and now he also wants to trade. He had a problem with his needle shipment and i have quite a few extra so he is offering me 3 weeks of drol (50mg week1-2 and 75mg week3...thats what hes offering i don't know if i should up dosage on 3rd week though) for only 8pins

    so i was wondering if it was too late to change my cycle up and switch the orals? i've been taking a lot of liver protection (liv 52 mostly...some liver aid found at walgreens/longs etc too) and i pre loaded with 1g milk thistle so my liver should be in good shape. i figured i have 6 weeks left of test and around 2 weeks left of oral turinabol and turinabol is supposed to help lean you out and make solid gains so i thought i could use that to counter any bloat i experience while on drol.

    would it be wise to start anadrol now for 3/4 weeks (weeks 5-8...maybe 4 weeks if you guys feel that would be better) and then finish off with the oral turinabol to help with any bloat i obtain? or even just completely drop the oral turinabol for liver health.

    I chose the mild oral earlier because i didnt want to blow up but now i dont care i just want to get huge!

    *just a little side note...last injection (thursday) didn't go so well i went through a vein. aspirated and all was fine then i pulled out and blood just gushed out at first i was like wtf then i was like oh **** i pierced a vein! so i put my hand under it to catch the blood then got an alcohol wipe and put some pressure and it stopped bleeding after 15-20 seconds of pressure. scary at first but then i realized i was fine since i didnt inject into the vein and read up on some experiences others had and that they survived so it made me feel better

    although my friend didn't like me telling that story right before i injected him (he may be a nice guy but he is still a ***** when it comes to needles :P )

  2. Why dont you just finish with the tbol and save the drol for a different time? This is what I would do. There's no sense in switching mid cycle.

    Sorry to hear about the injection, but you handled it nicely.

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