Halodrol cycle

  1. Halodrol cycle

    Im goign to be taking my fisrt cycle of halodrol

    im 24 6'3" 235

    doing the standard 4 week cycle
    i have
    flax oil
    celery seed
    red rice w/ coQ10

    pct for 4 weeks
    20mg nolva and 4 caps of novedex with fenugreek

    allso have milk thistle to take intire time

    do you guys thing this is good i have read post were novedex was just used and it worked well. so i thought 20 mg of nolva would be go.

    I also am goign to take Sesathin but have read it hurts gain while on cycle.. So would it be good to take with pct.?

    thanks for any help in advance

    sorry for being short but at work

  2. Where to start? You need to do a little more reading before you start this cycle. Just a little...

    First off I would say to run the Nolva 40/30/20/20 or 10, with the novedex and fenu but add a cortisol blocker in there as well, like LX or Retain.

    Don't cut while you're on PCT, youre trying to recover at this point, not do anything to slow down that recovery.

    Read up on supporting supps too, I'd add NAC, and Hawthorn but everyone seems to have thier own protocol when it comes to supporting supps.

    standard 4 week cycle means 50mgs for 4 weeks, right? Whats your AAS experience, lifting experience, you diet and split look like?

    Oh, and best of luck.
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  3. thanks for the advice

    as for me and AAS this will be my de-virgining i dont see this as anthing that i will do on any type of regular basis(at most once a year)

    I have been bouncing around this forum for a month or so. trying to pick this up without asking too many ?

    it has been a little hard at time since posts that have same ?'s as me always seem to be aswered with search when all a search seem to turn up is post tellin me to search.

    as for my lift all through high school was is great shape like 175 really was kinda skinny

    then college came and i droped the ball for a good while

    i have been back at the gym 4-5 days for about 18 months now

    started at a flabby 250 down to 235

    has been total S*** but plain on using fitday

    shooting for 3000-3500 cal with 450- 500 protine

    I am just babaling now.


    yes i plan on 50mg

    as for the nolva
    i think ill try 30/20/20/10 this is more to prevent gyno right?
    4 caps of novedex fenu and some LX type deal

    As you maybe can tell im not looking forhugh gains here...well i am , but i do know this doesnt happen over night and without hard work.

    thanks again

    oh and sorry for the gram. and run on sentences. I am an engineer not a english major


  4. Well in my oppinion this looks decent. I think you have a decent grasp on the supporting supps and the PCT...

    I think I'm going to personally take Dr. D's advice of running a Serm and AI inversely on my next PCT, so this would mean for you to go:

    Nolva 30/20/20/10
    Novedex 240/180/120/60

    Or something along those lines. to tell you the truth, im not all too familiar with Novedex. So hopefully someone else can chime in when it comes to the dosing...

    Fitday.com is the ****...aim for 40/40/20, pro/carb/fat and if you're aiming for 3k-3.5k cals you are around maintenance and sohuld get more of a recomp effect from the cycle.

    Good luck.

  5. do you mean?

    Nolva 30/20/20/10
    Novedex 60/120/180/240

    I have seen the ram one down and one up before.

  6. yea, sorry, you're right, thats what i meant.


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