40 day or 20 day cycles

  1. 40 day or 20 day cycles

    Background first: I'm currently 240lbs at around 17% BF, 6'2". I have been training for 11 years. I was currently planning on doing two 40 day cycles with with 114 days between them,
    1-10 Prop 50mg/d Wins Oral 50mg/d
    11-20 Prop 50mg/d Wins Inject 50mg/d
    21-30 Prop 50mg/d Wins Oral 50mg/d
    31-40 Prop 50mg/d Wins Inject 50mg/d
    1-80 Letro .5mg/d
    41-80 Clomid 100mg/d

    I am entertaining the idea of running four 20 day cycles with 64 days between each of them.

    1-10 Prop 50mg/d Wins Oral 50mg/d
    11-20 Prop 50mg/d Wins Inject 50mg/d
    1-40 Letro .5mg/d
    20-40 Clomid 100mg/d

    The reason for alternating the Oral vs. injectable Winstrol I got from Author L Rea.

    I plan on using short esters for avoiding sides, keeping gains (right now I only have access to Test C, Test P, Winstrol, Anadrol, and maybe Anavar.) I was wanting suggestions-pros/cons on which one of these routes would result in the best long-term gains, etc.

    I have 66 weeks from now for my goal of gaining around 15-20lbs muscle (although I'll settle for more) and losing 25-30lb fat (around 8% bf), and was planning on starting no early than 14 weeks from now. These will also be my first cycles.

  2. I would go w/ 40 IMO. 20 just seems like a trip to the strip club as opposed to 40 which is alittle bit better, like the "limo rides" at the strip club.

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