30day superdrol cycle results

  1. 30day superdrol cycle results

    I have been using supedrol for 30days at 20mg per day for 25days, then 10mg a day for 5 days, I have also eaten 2 grapefruits a day. I am now on day 30 and have had excellent results, first some history:

    2 1T/4AD/M5AA or superdrol cycles 6 weeks a piece

    1 17week Test E + SD(1-4 and 16-19) + HCG cycle

    So this is my 4th cycle. I have used a lower dose(I peaked at 30-40mg in my other cycles) of superdrol to see if I got any better results, I was very pleased:

    Bench +50lbs
    Squat +50lbs
    Deadlift +75lbs(but some of this was muscle memory)

    No sides to report except some lower back pumps, I will report back after my PCT to let u know if the results stuck. Out of all my cycles so far I would say this has been the most effective costwise and timewise, I would definately advise it to anyone!

  2. how much weight did u gain?

  3. Sorry, forgot about that being a powerlifter and all...

    It was ~20lbs, most of that in the 1st 10days(~13lbs)

  4. Sounds good!

  5. 2nd day of PCT today and already things are moving along nicely...

    Day 1 was 40mg Nolva with breakfast and 4g Fenugreek with my last meal of the day, today wull be the same.

    Thismorning, for the 1st time since before the cycle I got morning wood, does fenugreek work that quickly or is it just coincidence? I have no visible testicular shrinkage so I cant really report on if that gets better, I'll go by strength changes and libido as markers of how my PCT is going.

  6. Day 7 of PCT and my strength is still going up, lets see if we cant keep things this way!

  7. SD's effects tend to linger for about a week.

    Any bloodwork?????

  8. No, I didnt get any bloodwork done.


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