SD/PP/WINNY cycle???

  1. SD/PP/WINNY cycle???

    this would be my first stack cycle as I have done SD by itself for four weeks at 20,20,30,30. nolvadex i took for four weeks by itself pct, and i have seen no side effects. I was thinking about stacking SD, PP, and Winny running the winny cycle 8-10 week injectable, SD for first three and PP for the next 3. all while taking perfect cycle to help liver. any suggestions????

  2. You have already asked this question. Please search the board, and all your answers should be answered. Dont even think about the winny being in this stack.

  3. Running two methyls is not a good idea. For one being on a methyl AAS for 12 weeks is a liver killing idea.

  4. The idea of running a metyl for 12 weeks makes me want to say "Opps I crapped my liver."

    Don't forget to wipe!!
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