Lean Mass Cylce W/ Mega-TRN, Pheramone-X, & Mega-Zol

  1. Lean Mass Cylce W/ Mega-TRN, Pheramone-X, & Mega-Zol

    Starting June 1st I am going to run a lean mass cycle, and was looking for some advise about the cylce. I am currently 19years old 5'8" 175lbs. ~ 8% BF. I want to get to about 185lbs. with minimal fat gains. Its planned to run like this:
    Week 1: 2 TRN & 2 Pher-X
    Week 2: 2 TRN & 2 Pher-X
    Week 3: 3 TRN, 3 Pher-X, & 2 Zol
    Week 4: 3 TRN, 3 Pher-X, & 2 Zol
    Week 5: 3 TRN, 3 Pher-X, & 3 Zol
    Week 6: 3 Zol
    Week 7: 3 Zol, 4 PCT
    Week 8: 4 PCT+ NOW Testo-Jack
    Week 9: 3 PCT+ NOW Testo-Jack
    Week 10: 2 PCT+ NOW Testo-Jack
    Week 11: 1 PCT
    -Creatine+Glutamine 20 Grams a day
    My diet will be about 300 grams protein,150-190 grams carbs, and 30-60 grams fat. If anyone has any suggestions about my diet and/or my cycle its would be greatly appreciated.

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    Your Diet sounds great stick with that, and you should do great...

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