Hey guys. 6'5, 230lbs, 10% BF.

Now i am doing a first cycle. I have pheraplex, superdrol, and 4AD sulingular, powder, and transdermal...

I have great training, Max-OT style, great diet 450g PT, 350g CARB, 60g FAT.

Really dedicated, and i have really good lifts.

Ofcourse i have Nolva, Clomid, DHEA

With the knowledge you guys have please construct what you think would be the best cycle to start with with all of the above.

For example i am thinking

PP 10/20/20/30 with 4AD as preworkout boost only (sub 25mg)

PCT: 4 weeks, Nolva, Clomid, DHEA, RXT, Tribulus

Been running NAC 600mg a day for three months, will add milk thistle, etc as needed for cycle

If you guys know a better wat for first cycle lets post her up!!! Like maybe 600mg trans 4AD with 3 sub 25mg a day is better first time?! Asking for your experience here....