Alb. dosing question..

  1. Alb. dosing question..

    I got my albuterol from IBE and it just had a dropper with it, no volume markings on the dropper..should i assume that a dropper full equals 1ml(aka 4mg)?

  2. No definitely dont assume that. Go to walgreens and get an oral dropper with measurements on it. They're cheap, so that shouldnt be a problem. Its always safe to be 100% sure when it comes to research chems.

  3. ya, thats what im gonna do..the amount of liquid in it just seemed pretty close to what is measured out with my oral syringe for nolva..was just wondering if someone had actually ever taken the time to measure..

  4. just in case anyone was interested, i measured what the dropper pulled out when full, and it was under 1ml..was around .5 to .75ml, just as an observation.

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