OTC Haldrol-50 PCT?

  1. OTC Haldrol-50 PCT?

    I'm planning to start my halodrol50 cycle next week and want to make sure that I have the right PCT set up. Any suggestions? Nolva and clomid are precription only so i can't get that. (wish i could)

    I hear good things about AE rebound and AE retain and Tribex. Any thoughts?

  2. How can you not get nolva or clomid? There are board sponsors that sell them. Hopefully you took alot more time in researching the product that you are taking than you did trying to find the right PCT products.

  3. AE extreme? what is that? Do you mean Retain or even "PCT?"

  4. oops my bad, I meant AE retain.

  5. I've never seen clomid/nolva on the shelves and therefore thought I wasn't able to get it. Could som eone please throw me a PM if you know where to get it?

  6. You cant get PM's until you donate. Just look through the board sponsors on the main page. Take the time and search through the board.

  7. Hey man, thanks. I will do tonight when I get some freetime.

    Let say that I'll be able to get nolva and clomid, what would the best PCT stack be for keeping the gains I have made during my Halodrol50 cycle?

  8. SEARCH,SEARCH,SEARCH, until u do u will not get alot of answers to these questions that have already been asked over and over.........

  9. You're right. I searched and I found =)

    I'm new on this forum so please have me excused. So much info around here. Amazing.

  10. Have some type of SERM on hand, but unless you get some Toremifene, then I'd recommend something like ATD/Fenugreek.


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