Cycle For Old Timer

  1. Cycle For Old Timer

    OK guys I have been lifting for 18 years, I have the routine and the diet down. I am thinking of doing my first cycle as my size and strenth has been maxed for a while now. I know that most will tell you that Test has to be a base of any cycle but I have read alot about Deca being preferred for men over 40. Any advise that you guys have will be greatky appreciated. I have put a lot of effort into PCT so I am comfortable with that. Just need info for a good cycle to had strenth and mass.


  2. If you wanna run Deca for a first cycle, thats fine, as long as you have some test in there. Deca will shut you down hard. IMO, a test only cycle is the best first cycle. Go with something like test enthanate (sp) or test cypionate, and run it at 500mg/week split up into 2 injections at 250mg each. You should run your cycle for @ 12 weeks with the test. Do some searching around on the board. Im sure alot of the questions you have will be answered.

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