Planning Cutter for next spring

  1. Planning Cutter for next spring

    So I like to plan way in advance and I'm planning a cutter for next spring cuz I pretty much wanna bulk until then. I have a short cycle planned out for fall already and I'm getting that ready, and I'm trying to decide what I wanna do for spring.

    I know that the cycle will involve test base and eq base in a trans. I'm gonna be doing 150 mg eq base ed and 150-200 mg test base ed. If I do 150 then I'm gonna be able to run it for 12 weeks or 8 weeks and throw some test in with my fall SD bulker, and if I do 200 then I can run it for 8.

    I'm also gonna throw in an oral for the last 4-6 weeks. I'm thinking either M-trn or MDHT. I've always wanted to run MDHT and if I do that then I'm gonna run 50 mg for 6 weeks. If I go for the M-Trn then I'm thinking of doing 4 mg for 4-6 weeks. I'm leaning towards 4, but I don't know exactly how liver toxic it is. I've heard different things about this topic.

    So here's how it might look:

    Week 1-12: Test 200mg ed
    Week 5-12: eq 150 mg ed
    Week 7-12: MDHT 50 mg ed
    (Swap M-Trn 4 mg ed with MDHT)
    Week 1-8: Test 150 mg ed
    Week 1-8: EQ 150 mg ed
    Week 3-8: MDHT 50 mg ed
    (Swap M-Trn 4 mg ed with MDHT)

    If anyone has any advice when it come to cutting on these compounds or on these compounds in general please post it.


  2. I decided I'm gonna go with the M-trn.

    week 1-8: test base 150 mg ed
    week 1-8: eq base 150 mg ed
    week 3-8: M-Trn 4 mg ed

    week 1-12: Camphibolic
    week 1-12: sesamin
    4 weeks pre-cycle through week 8: melting point 6 caps ed

    week 9-12: Toremiphene
    week 9-??: Anagen
    week 9-12: retain
    week 9-12: RXT

    Support supps:

    Liv. 52
    Hawthorn Extract
    Saw Palmetto
    Red Yeast Rice/Co-q10

    How does that look?

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