Opinions Wanted

  1. Opinions Wanted

    Please give me your opinion on the following stack. Keep in mind I have many high dose cycles under my belt of SD, M1T and just about everything else all for 6 weeks or more.
    Week 1-4 Halodrol 50mg ED
    Weeks 4-8 MethoxyTrn 4.5mg M-TST 6mg
    NAC 1200mg
    Weeks 8-12
    Pct, Nolva 40mg
    Milk Thistle 1,000mg
    Continue with the NAC
    Maybe Jungle Warfare also.
    I know the support sups are basic but I've recovered well using the above and have kept BP and other sides under control.

  2. You aren't giving us any information about yourself or what you want to accomplish.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by LakeMountD
    You aren't giving us any information about yourself or what you want to accomplish.
    Sorry, I will be doing a 6 week cut here in a couple weeks using Clen and NYC. Then want to do a lean bulk for 8 weeks staying lean and gaining some strength.
    I am 5'8" 215 about 15% bf(hoping to cut to about 8%) and have 16yrs lifting experience and as mentioned before many "legal" cycles under my belt.

  4. Well, what do you think guys?

  5. Well I although I am familiar with dosages of the compounds you are taking, I try not to get to recommend dosages too often when I haven't taken them.

    I will say, however, you need to go into the PCT forum and read some things in there, and set yourself up a better pct. You don't want to take 40mg of Nolva the entire way through.

  6. looks like a good cycle to me. let us know how it goes. I agree withe the pct recommendation.


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