critque my upcoming cycle

  1. critque my upcoming cycle

    hey, im new to the board. im 23 and weigh 253. been lifting for about 3 years or so. hardcore lifting for the past 1 and a half. finally hit a spot where i havent grew for about 6 months and boy am i sick of it.

    my upcoming cycle is going to consist of this:

    week1-4 pheramone-x/x-mass/superdrol
    weeks 4-6 pheramone-x/x-mass

    pct: nolva, fenugreek, ejaculoid, vitrix, maca, CEE, saw palmetto, and yohimbe

    this is my meal plan for the day:
    06AM: Breakfast Meal 1

    6 egg whites
    1 banana
    2 bowls oatmeal
    protein shake
    8 oz skim milk

    09AM: Snack Meal 2
    1 protein bar w/ 32 g of protein

    12PM: Lunch Meal 3
    8 oz venison/chicken
    4 oz tuna
    8 oz wheat pasta
    1 slice wheat bread
    12 oz skim milk

    03PM: meal 4
    cytogainer shake
    4 oz tuna

    06PM: Meal 5
    cytogainer shake

    0730pm:Meal 6
    8 oz chicken/venison
    4 oz tuna
    8 oz wheat pasta/brown rice
    2 slice wheat bread
    12 oz skim milk

    1000pm: Meal 7
    1 protein bar w/ 32 g of protein

    please critque in anyway possible, ive been doing alot of research, tell me what you think!

  2. How many grams of fat are you shooting for? Have you been to ? I think thats the website. Also, what is your height? BF? And training stye? Good luck! As big as you are, you might not be getting enough k/cals. I can eat that on an active day and I am 6'3 210 lbs 11.3% BF. You may need more fats if you aren't getting enough k/cals. Also, try a fatty cottage cheese as your last meal of the night. Why eat another damn bar if you can have the real thing.
    My The 1 LOG:

  3. I would ditch the protein bar for the last meal of the day and switch it with just a protein shake with milk or just water. Alot of bars are loaded with sugar. Another alternative would be cottage cheese. This will give you a slower digesting source of protein to help aid in recovery through the night.

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