need some help with halodrol 50

  1. need some help with halodrol 50

    hey guys im not looking for any bull from guys im just looking for some advice i started working out about 5 months ago and about a month ago started creatine it was helping a good amount and i did alittle halodrol 50 im 16 5'6-5'7 194 and im replacing a good amount of fat with muscle fast i work out every other day and i stacked both creatine and halodrol on my workout days. i take fish oil multivitamin everyday im just wondering should i be taking any other vitamins or any other gear? thx

  2. I think you should check out the board rules.
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  3. It's been real, newbie

    I seriously wonder if these aren't just adults joking around...

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    Sorry you are too young.
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