Anabol/Megabol cycle results

  1. Thumbs up Anabol/Megabol cycle results

    Hi folks,

    I wanted to share the results of my Anabol/Megabol cycle.

    Hereís an overview of the stack in case you arenít familiar:

    Week 1-8: 150 mg 1,4 Andro/day (oral)
    Week 1-8: 750mg 4-AD/day (oral)

    Week 3-5: 600mg nor-diol/day (transdermal)
    Week 3-5: 300mg 5-AA/day (transdermal)


    Height: 6í2Ē
    Starting Weight: 188


    ~3700 cals/day
    250g protein
    Multi vitamin
    Vitamin C (1000 mg/day)
    Creatine starting week 5
    Liver tabs (8-12/day)

    Side effects (good and bad):
    -Nipples became sensitive near the end of week 5. This went away one day after I stopped the anabol.
    -Aggression was up in and out of the gym.
    -Slight shrinkage
    -Libido was noticeably down by week 5. Back to normal now.
    -Huge pumps
    -Virtually no soreness or fatigue after workouts while on Anabol.
    -Strength up big time. Reps and weight added every workout. New personal records on all exercises.
    -No hair loss.

    I stopped the cycle a week early so that I would recover a bit quicker and begin cutting again a little sooner. My weight plateaued at 206, so the total gain for 7 weeks was 18lbs and an ass load of strength. Not bad, but I put a lot of planning into my diet and was very consistent, so Iím sure that had something to do with it. Overall Iím very happy with the results. But if you donít believe me, ask my wife. In her words one day: ďDamn, your HUGE! Look at you QUAD!! Oh my god!!Ē hehehe.

    Whatís next?
    Continue to bulk for a while and recover from the cycle. I have enough leftovers, that Iíll probably do another mini cycle in about 16 weeks. Then maybe a 1-Test based cycle over the winter.

    Any ?'s I'll be happy to try and answer them.

  2. That Anabol-X is the ****...the 5aa and 19Nordiol is a great combination. I think if you applied the 4AD transdermally and upped the 1,4 to 600mg/day orally it would be one hell of a cycle.

    I gained over 20 lbs when I tried the mega/ana stack a year ago. A lot of fat and water, too though.

    I noticed the itchy nips too with the anabol. Has to be the prolactin (or estrogen) increase from the nandralone. I seem to be a little sensitive.

    That was over a year ago -

    Im 3.5 weeks into T1 right now, I am up 15+ lbs. Gains are much leaner. (my diet is much cleaner, too) I havent noticed such a dramatic increase in strength as I did with the anabol-x, BUT a year ago I was lifting much lighter weight before I started...

    One thing- I bulked for 2 months after the cycle and 'tried' to cut down for summer. Big Mistake. I lost a lot of strength and a lot of the mass I gained. I leaned out well, but dropped down to 190 and I 'still' wasnt totally ripped. (although I was definately a lean 190 under the extra 40lbs of chunk I had at my bulking peak). Part of it was me being inexperienced and not doing it right. I think another part was not doing proper post cycle recovery. If I would have just leaned out a little bit and kept bulking, Id be much bigger now.

    I would get some Liquid-Nolva if I were you, or at least some 6-oxo.

    Sounds great bro! Thanks for the post!


  3. The anabol does indeed kick ass. I could add three reps to my personal record on dead lifts, and not even feel tired or sore the next day. That was awesome.

    I have about 3/4 of a bottle left too, so I might not of even been getting the full dose! Should make for a nice mini cycle in the fall, like I said.

    Do you think you cut to fast, or you just had 40lbs to lose so it took a while? I 'feel' like if I do a nice slow cut for 6-8 weeks, I can be even leaner than when I started. I didn't really get TOO porky on the cycle (clean diet), and I just want to get my waist down to 32-33" again.

    The water weight I seem to be pissing out this week. Down to 203.5, but strength is actually still going up (slowly). Looking leaner too.

    thanks, for the reply BigVrunga.

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