The role of a test boost in a cycle

  1. The role of a test boost in a cycle

    This is my first post and hopefully I won't get flamed. I've been reading alot of info on SD, Halo, d-bol etc, I've seen alot of posts of people asking "is this ok with this?" or whatever, and usually the first response is

    "test should be the base of every cycle "

    Now I'm still researching and learning and looking at peoples different cycles. But with that statement would it be saying if you were going to take SD or Halo as part of your cycle that a test like 6-OXO or AndroTest should accompany it DURING the cycle as well as part of your PCT? Because I was getting the impression that the test boosters were mainly used in the PCT to get your test levels back to normal?

    So I guess my question is, should they be added to a cycle or just used in a PCT or both?

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  3. "test should be the base of every cycle" means a form of direct exogenous administration of Test Enanthate, Cyp, Sust, Prop etc. Not refering to antiestrogens or other testosterone boosters.

  4. damn dude you need to do a ton more research..

  5. I've seen worse. And thats why I came here, to do that research.

    Thanks for the info.

  6. true I have seen worse also but I was hoping that you weren't in the group that was just trying to get by...
    As for your question, Card hit the nail on the head. When it was said you a test base then it was in addition to your normal test that would get get shutdown over the coarse of the cycle.

  7. subscribed, im still learning too so please all you guys with knowledge let us know what you think here.

  8. def not trying to just get by, I respect all of the different avenues I could take to try and get to my goals. I won't attempt anything without knowing full on what I am getting myself into, I'm 31, and don't have any health issues. Nor do I want any. I want to get my feet wet in this area and of course I want to start off easy. I've been lifting on and off for years, but the past 2 years just gotten really serious and i'm looking for other alternatives.

    Thanks for the info so far. I have alot more reading to do.

  9. I really want you to start off easy also. I just want you to research all the avenues on here before you jump on the AAS wagon. make sure that your training and diet are tight and you have stopped growing before you jump.. this is just my opinion

  10. welp I just read some info on Test Enanthate, Cyp, Sust, Prop from I guess I just misunderstand a post that prompted this thread to be created cuz I am in no way looking to inject actual steroids of any sort.

    I was leaning down the path of some pro hormones like SD and Halodrol so maybe I will just stick with my research in that area. I'm not into the heavy gear, not yet anyways and I dunno if I ever will be.

  11. I can't believe you just posted a damn link to a source.. well I edited that and you are out of here... nice ride while it lasted

  12. I cant believe you don't know the difference between a ACTUAL LINK and the name of site. you've got a serious bug up your ass pal, I've been reading your posts all over this board before I even posted a thread and your just a total doosh bag to people who are not as holy and as knowing as you. you must be a real treat in person

  13. well you are out of here again..
    You did post the actual link ******* because I followed the damn link... also IF you do come back, I would suggest that you read the board rules and NOT post any more sources... also if you comment in a negative way on this, I will have you IP banned..


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