First Real Cycle Help

  1. First Real Cycle Help

    What's up guys I need some advice for my first cycle.
    I was thinking=
    Wk1-12 500mg Test E
    Wk1-4 30-40mg Dbol

    I was unsure if I should add Proviron to this cycle, what are yall's opinions on that. Also I would like to run clen throughout the entire cycle to keep some bodyfat off. I have a slow as metabolism and when I bulk I gain alot of fat. Is this a good idea? Any suggestions and criticisms would be appreciated!

  2. What's the diet like?

    Either bulk or cut.

  3. Diet is great bro. I am in college and I have an unlimited amount of any kind of food. I get all the calories and protein I need.

    I would like to bulk but my metabolism is so damn slow. I get fat as hell when I bulk, even cleanly. I will not be running this cycle until Sept. I was thinking about cutting hard this summer. Geting down to about 10% and then bulk cleanly using the clen hoping that will keep some BF off. The bodfat really doesnt bother me but i get big ass stretch marks everywhere. Arms stomach legs. Not just normal stretch marks, ****ing insane stretch marks.

  4. If you get stretchmarks, I would switch the dbol out and go for some oral turinabol or even better anavar instead. They're not as potent but they help collagen synthesis. This should help your skin stretch instead of tearing...

    And when you say "diet is great I have access to all kinds of food" this tells me that your diet is nothing great, nothing good even, but rather just lots of food. Having a good diet has very little in common to "having access to all kinds of foods" except that "having access to all kinds of food" implies that it would be possible for you to have a good diet if you put in the time & effort. Go read the entire health & nutrition forum man, it will do you a world of good. Start with the sticky written by Grunt76.



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