well, to make a long story short i had to do a short halodrol cycle and only got to use 17 out of 30 pills. Being as that 13 is pretty much useless i'm going to use them starting my cut to hopefully put on some extra mass and maybe do a slight recomp if im lucky. I'm 6' 216 lbs and roughly 18%bf. I'm going to start my cut tomorrow and see how the halodrol reacts. I plan on being at roughly a 300 cal deficit. My pct will involve a TAPPERED dose of RXTand Nolva at 40,20. I think that nolva dose is sufficient considering that the halo cycle is less than 2 weeks long.

My lifting routine was a 5x5 routine and im going to switch it up a bit because i want to hopefully gain a bit from this cycle. I plan to be in a very small caloric deficit. According to fit day it will be roughly 300 cals. I will use a 5x5 frame for large lifts so that i have some kind of frame of refference hence it is as follows

m: flat bench 5x5
barbell rows 5x5
squats 5x5

flys 3x8

ez curl 3x8
preacher curl 3x8
reverse grip bench press 3x8
tricep push downs 3x8

incline bench 2x8
military press 5x4
lateral raises 3x8
dead lifts 5x4
squats 5x4

friday (this day allways kills me)

flat bench 5x4, 3x1, 6x8 (making pr on the 3x1)
bbrows same as above
squats same as above

skull crushers 3x8
tricep extensions 3x8
standing ez curl 3x8

my cardio protocol is normally HIIT on t, th, sat, sun. I will continue this if its possible w/o problems from pumps. If not then i will be doig moderate cardio untill i burn off enough cals to hit my 300 deficit.