1. Powerfull/HALO/ACTivate?

    What do you guys think of

    4 weeks -- powerfull then
    4 weeks -- Halo/M4 then
    4 Weeks -- Activate?

    This would be for a 12 week cutting cycle...

    is this insanity? Or smart?

    And what kind of supps/anti-Es might you suggest?

  2. Hmm I'm not too sure I am following this...

    You want to run a Natural test booster, than steroids, then a natural test booster again???

    I dont think its quite a good idea, but maybe I'm missing something here!

  3. If M4 is M4AD then yes it is insanity. Even then it would still be insanity to run a "cycle" like this.

  4. It's m4ohn

    ok i will return to my insane asylum now

  5. MOHN is a great cutter but it needs to be stacked with something else...MOHN and 1test would be an awesome combo but the best legal alternative would probably be prostanozol or maybe PP



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