1. test+superdrol+norandro?

    My best friend is a bit ambitious about taking anything and everything all at once in order to get large. obviously this concerns me.. he has taken a cycle of M1T, and a real gear cycle of
    -test enanthate 500mg per week
    -deca durabolin 200mg per week
    both with minimal pct...aromadex...

    my question is, would a 28 day stack of:
    -superdrol 20mg daily
    -norandro 400mg daily
    -topical test gel 1ml daily
    be safe? effective? and how,if possible, would it compare with his previous cycle of real gear..

  2. What do you mean by norandro? 19 nor diol or nandrolone?
    What concentration of test?

  3. I Believe That The Topical Test Is Equivelent To Test Prop @ About 200mg Per Ml. . The Norandro Is The Once Legal Prohormone, The Problem Is That It Is The Dione Version Not The Diol So It May Convert To Estrogen... Also, The Norandro Does Convert To Nandrolone, But Only About 6%. The Only "perscription" Anabolic That Would Be Used Is The Topical Test, Plus Two Prohormones:superdrol & Norandro.

  4. going to be begining this stack next monday so any more info, opinions or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  5. just drop the 19nor, think about it ur about to take test + SD. That alone will yield solid solid results. the 19nor will add almost nothing, especially for what the sides could bring.



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