Post Superdrol cals and PCT

  1. Post Superdrol cals and PCT

    I've just finished a superdrol cycle and am commencing pct tomorrow. during my cycle i maintained a calorific surplus of 1000 cals every day. now i'm finished, should i go to maintenance or take 500 extra per day to hang on to my gains?

    also, now i have nolva, is there any need to take rebound xt (which i have at home) as well (ie would it maximise retention of my gains to take both at the same time) or is this a waste?

    hope someone can provide their experience, as some of the user guides show talk about just using nolva, while ppl's journals show they use both.

  2. you will fine everything you need here...

  3. oh and how much did you gain by the way?

  4. I'd eat to the point where I was noticeabley gaining fat and only then back down a bit. A few pounds of fat in pct is worth the better recovery and retention of gains imo. Err on the side of eating too much.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Unbreakable_One
    oh and how much did you gain by the way?
    I gained 14 pounds in three weeks. it was my first cycle, not bad. already looking forward to my next, which is bad in a way!



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