March 1st -- SD/Prostanozol Cycle Begins

  1. March 1st -- SD/Prostanozol Cycle Begins

    March 1st begins my lean bulk cycle.

    18% BF
    33yrs of age

    GOAL - would like to be able to compete in upcoming November show. Realistically, be ready to compete by summer 07.

    week 1 - SD - 20mg
    week 2 - SD - 20mg
    week 3 - SD - 20/30mg
    week 4 - SD - 10mg PROSTANOZOL - 100mg
    week 5 - PROSTANOZOL - 125mg
    week 6 - PROSTANOZOL - 125mg

    & all BP supps.

    PCT with all BP supps, nolva, fenugeek,trib, & lean extreme.

    Plan on hitting entire body over 4 days, take day of rest & start over.

    No less than 1.5 gallons of water a day.

    caloric intake - on workout days 3300-3400, while keeping protein 375-400grams. non workout days, 2800-2900 calories still keeping protein 375ish range.

    i have all my notes a spread sheets & my palm pilot ready to go to keep track as i go, but i have have trouble with 2 issues.

    Issue #1. any input on cardio recomendations. (am, post workout, 20min, 1hr, ??????)

    Issue #2. supplements like Cellmass, ZMA, NO-Explode do me no good while on and should wait until PCT or post PCT. But what about supplements like acetyl-L-carnitine, L-carnosine, L-tyrosine, & ECA.

    any other input is most welcome.

  2. any help or input outthere with the couple of issues that i listed. i want to maximize cycle to the fullest.

  3. Hola!

    Im currently about to start a VERY similar cycle with PP instead of SD.

    As for your cycle: Looks like a good solid setup. My only question is how much prostan did u order?

    Regaurding your issues:

    Cardio is amust. at least 20mins a day. I DEF like doing it before lifting because that increases my bloodflow gives me PP/SP time to release into my blood if i just took it pre workout.

    Then i also like to split it up, 10-15 mins before, go lift, then 10-15 mins after.

    issue 2: guessing thats a creatine product? You could use that while on cycle, it will only help, it can cause you to hold water but prostan will take care of that.

    ZMA, save that for PCT to help kickstart ur natty test

    NO-Xplode...ehh its just more creatine + NO (which has been shown to be detremental to health) Youll alrdy get good pumps, and creatine from cellmass, dont use this during cycle, and i wouldnt suggest ever using it lol.

    Oh my last suggestion, i see that towards the end of your cycle you taper down to 10mg...If i were you, id put that 10mg at ur first week and just keep ur last week at 20/30.

    reasons why:

    your introducing a new substance. people DO see gains off 10mg. you will introduce the compound, get some gains, and you can gauge how your body is reacting. jump in at 20 and it could be a bad experience.

    just my 2cents

    GL Bro!

  4. thanks for the knowledge. i have 3 1/2 bottles of prostanozol for this cycle. if i understood correctly, creatine is ok to use while on sd. KASKET what is your cycle gonna look like?

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