sustanon 250 with superdrol?

  1. sustanon 250 with superdrol?

    i was gonna do about ten diff things before deciding on sust, so if u notice that i was asking about a deca/pp cycle a week ago, please disregard.

    i gave myself my first shot of sust last night and i am running 250 a week. i may go up to 500 for the last two weeks of this 8 week cycle but only if im not getting any gains.

    how would superdrol stack with sust? its such a mild androgen but i had great results with just 20mg a day last july (27 pounds in about 4 weeks).

    the reason i ask is this, i dont wanna get to bloated from the water retention thats gonna happen. i know its not the worst aas in terms of this but...

    since sd is a mild androgen (so, in my unscientific opinion, would suggest at least that it wont increase androgenic side effects) and more importantly, acts like a diuretic, would it be a good match? if so, please suggest a cycle. thanks everybody.

  2. I ran Sust 250 every other day for 10 weeks with 30mg superdrol for the first 4 weeks and i had very little to almost no water retention

  3. I would say do some Fina with that. ithink you will gain good quality muscle & stay lean and also be very strong.::bb2:

  4. did u ever do this cycle?

  5. I suggest a frontload with sustanon if you have enough. 1 AMP a day for 10days. With the superdrol it should be absolutely awesome.
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