PP/ProStan Cutting Cycle

  1. PP/ProStan Cutting Cycle

    Hello there!~

    This cycle is to drop BF while gaining a little bit of lost mass.

    I will also be updating this post quite frequently.

    The PP(Phera-Plex) is from Anabolix Xtreme (DS) and the PS (ProStanozol) is Gasparis' Orostan-E.


    I have been lifting for about 5 years. Im 5'8" 185.(Propably around 15-20%bf) Im defineatly strong and have good size, but have the extra fat as you can see.

    Ive done a few andro cycles, 4ad/19nor, 1-ad.

    Ive also done an M1T cycle.


    I will be doing a 3 days on, 1 off lifting/cardio scheudal. Each day, I hit cardio before and after I lift, doing different things(Running/stair master/bike) To keep me entertained. I usually burn about 300 calories a day doing cardio (About 20mins a day)

    My lifting scheudal is:
    2. Biceps/Triceps/Calfs
    3. Shoulders/Traps/Quads/Hams

    Abs everyday

    As for my lifting, I lift much lighter, higher reps, trying to hit opposite muscle groups.

    I am cleaning out my diet. I however do NOT have a strict diet, but I am cutting back on my calories (Actually have been for about 2 weeks now) and eating much cleaner.

    Lots of water/juices everday ect. (Cranberry especially, Orangjuice as well.)


    Week1: 10mg PP
    Week 2: 20mg PP
    Week 3: 20mg PP
    Week 4: 30mg PP/75mg PS
    Week 5: 100mg PS
    Week 6: 100mg PS

    My concerns: If for some reason, I seem to be seeing results at 10mg, or 20 is too much, ill stay at 10 and keep the rest for a future cycle.

    Other supplements: Protein/Multi Vitamin/Milk Thistle/Hawthorne Berry

    PCT: Nolva + ZMA/Trib stack and the other sups^


    Wish me luck, I will keep you all updated. Feel free to give me any tweaks/advice you want.

    Thanks guys!

  2. Update:

    Everything seems to be set in place. Ill be starting this tomorrow

  3. Good luck with it. Just make sure your diet is in check. It's the most important part of any cutting regimine.

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