Finally: My Winter Cycle

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  1. Finally: My Winter Cycle

    This cycle is a long time in the planning. I've tweaked it from what it was originally going to look like. Here's what I'm planning.

    1,4 Andro: Days 1-60: 1.2g
    Halodrol: Days 1-30 50mg
    4AD (TD): Days 25-60
    Max LMG: Days 31-60
    Prostan: 25-60 (Unsure if I will add this and if so, what dose)
    M-Trn: Days 40-60 3/4.5mg

    I will also add in Oratropin. I have 45 days worth, so I would probably like to add it in around day 35.

    I'll be taking Sesathin, ALA, Policosanol, Hawthorne Berry, and tons of EFA's.

    For PCT, I plan to use Dr. D's "Serm Inverse to ATD" protocol.

    Just had blood taken today. I should have the results on Friday. I'm assuming all is well, so I'm starting today. If anything is fishy, I'll stop on Friday and reassess/investigate the issue.

    I'll fill in more detail later

  2. Looks good bud, I am quite interested to see your results with HALO. I think this may be the next compound I use. Best of luck.
    My The 1 LOG:

  3. This looks really interesting! I will be following this one for sure. Good luck man and keep us posted.

  4. yes master chief, will be watchin how the halo goes for you
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  5. Today is Day 5. Not much to report yet. I'm thinking the halo will start to kick in next week. The 1,4 Andro will take at least a month.

    I'm planning to shoot for recomp for 2-3 weeks, then increase cals substantially for 2-3 weeks, and then I will cut fairly severely to try to clean up the gains. I figure by the time I'm through PCT it will almost be June, so I better be lean by the end of this.

    My initial diet looks like this:

    Protein: 292.5g=1170 calories from P
    Carbs: 302g=1208 calories from carbs
    62g fiber –248 corrected for fiber=960 cals from carbs
    Fat: 50.5g: 455
    Calories: 2833—248 from fiber=2585

    Protein: 305.5g=1222 calories from P
    Carbs: 329g=1316 calories from carbs
    66g fiber –260 corrected for fiber=1056 cals from carbs
    Fat: 65.5g=589 calories from fat
    Calories: 3127—260 from fiber=2867

    Protein: 329.5g=1318 calories from Protein
    Carbs: 383g=1532 calories from carbs
    72g fiber –292 corrected for fiber=1240 cals from carbs
    Fat: 67.5g=612 calories from fat
    Calories: 3462—292 from fiber=3170

    If you're wondering, yes my colon is rather clean

    So I will probably bump each of these daily intakes up 300-500 cals per day in a few weeks, and then I will drop them about 300-500 from where they are now in the closing weeks.

  6. The only reason that my diet plan may not be optimum is the fact that I was going to run Oratropin at the end of the cycle, and into PCT. Oratropin seems to work best with a lot of cals. I could run OT for 23 days in the middle, bulking phase, and then continue it for the first 22 days of PCT.

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  7. Good News: I spoke to the Dr. on the phone today. He said everything in my bloodwork looks great. He actually said that my HDL:LDL was the best he has ever seen I'm picking up a copy tomorrow, so I'll post the exact #s then.

  8. Bloodwork Arrived (Minus Test) I got the results from my bloodwork, and I think it all looks good. They had to send out blood for the Test levels, so I don't have that yet.

    WBC: 8.8 (4.5-11.0)
    RBC: 5.4 (4.2-5.8)
    Hgb: 15.6 (13.1-17.1)
    Hct: 48.0 (40.0-51.0)
    MCV: 88.9 (80.0-100.0)

    ...ok, this is taking too long. I'll cut to the typical stuff we look for.

    ULTRA hTSH II: .91 (.47-5.01)
    Free T4: 1.14 (.71-1.85)
    Glucose: 87 (70-105)
    BUN: 17 (7-18)
    Alkaline P: 57 (42-121)
    ALT: 31 (10-60)
    AST: 26 (10-43)
    Cholesterol: 91.0 (0.0-200.0)
    Triglycerides: 27 (35-160)
    HDL: 39.0 (29.0-85.0)
    LDL: Chol/HDL Ratio: 2.3 (3.7-6.7)
    LDL: 46.6 (65-131.0)

    All the urine stuff came out good, too.

    The Dr. told me that my cholesterol is the best he has ever seen. Does that sound right, or may he be a bit off the mark with that comment??? [IMG]../images/smilies/6-27-04/think.gif[/IMG]

    The only thing that struck me is could my LDL be too low? Also, my HDL is in the normal range, but near the bottom of it. I've increased my flax oil and almond intake, and I'm starting Sesathin this week. My only reason for concern is that I am running a methyl right now (Halodrol).

    If anyone wants to know anything not listed, just let me know. I have it all, but it'll take forever to post.

  9. Looks good, pm sent
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  10. I haven't been updating much, b/c not much was going on...still early. However, I did have a better than average workout today.

    I mentioned that this cycle will be in 3 stages:
    1.) Recomp: Days 1-15
    2.) Lean bulk: Days 16-45 (w/ Oratropin )
    3.) Cut: Days 46-60

    I have become noticeably leaner in the mid-section, and my arms and shoulders are becoming more vascular. I jumped on the scale for the first time since I started, and I was happy to see that I am up 1lb (195lbs.) This is exactly what I wanted to see at this point. I have a feeling the coming week will be interesting, and the second stage should be even more interesting. Things are starting to look up. I'm training legs tomorrow, and I'm getting amped for the workout already

  11. I have to subscribe to this. I want to see your progress Beo. I'm interested in seeing how that halo works for you. Good luck man, break 200 and cement it.

  12. Thanks, bro, I broke 200 before. I got up to 204, but decided to trim down a bit. I'm hoping to hit 205 before the cutting stage of this cycle.

  13. subscribsnizzle my dizzle
  14. Talking

    everything looks well in order, best of luck to u

  15. Wolfy-
    What are your thoughts on HALODROL at this point?
    My The 1 LOG:

  16. Bump for update

  17. Honestly, at this point I can't say much. I'm gonna start increasing my calories, probably next weekend, so we'll see. I think it still may be too early to tell.

    I'll definitely let you guys know when the magic starts.

  18. Well, today's workout was better than average. Muscles were more pumped and felt nice and full. I weighed in at 196 (+2), but I'm not so sure that is accurate. I'm a wee bit backed up at the moment

    Nothing too dramatic, but things do seem to be picking up

  19. 62g fiber
    I just want to make sure i read this right? 62grams of fiber? Jeez your a c r a p p i n g machine, I bet.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by LCSULLA
    I just want to make sure i read this right? 62grams of fiber? Jeez your a c r a p p i n g machine, I bet.
    Yup, you read it correctly. My fiber intake wouldn't be so absurd, except a lot of it comes from Fiber One. 1 Cup has 28g fiber. I used to get hypoglycemic all the time, and I haven't experienced it at all since increasing my fiber intake a while back.

    Funny, I said in my last post that I was a bit backed up, and I haven't had my Fiber One in a few days (Oats instead).

  21. Quote Originally Posted by Beowulf
    Yup, you read it correctly. My fiber intake wouldn't be so absurd, except a lot of it comes from Fiber One. 1 Cup has 28g fiber. I used to get hypoglycemic all the time, and I haven't experienced it at all since increasing my fiber intake a while back.

    Funny, I said in my last post that I was a bit backed up, and I haven't had my Fiber One in a few days (Oats instead).
    Fiber 1, huh? I may have to try this. I use Psyllium husks right now.

  22. The Fiber 1 actually tastes pretty good. I'm eating some right now...gotta run...toilet....

  23. I think the HD is really starting to kick in now I just had a great workout, and a buddy at the gym told me I look like I've gotten a lot bigger. I stepped on the scale, and I am about another pound.

    Strength is getting better, and pumps were great.

    I'll keep ya updated!

  24. excellent man, pisses me off that my hd order never went through. hope u get huge!

  25. Yea, I'm going to have to get some of this Fiber 1. Keep growing.

  26. Things are continuing to look up. I did legs today, and I was up on all exercises.

    Got a pump writing on the whiteboard today. Veddy nice!

    I also think the 1,4 might be starting to kick in. My appetite is increasing, one of the effects of 1,4.

  27. I'm definitely super motivated in the gym these days. I went in today to hit bis/forearms. I stepped on the scale and weighed in at 199.8lbs! That is a 5.8lb increase since the beginning, 3.8lbs in 4 days. This may just be a typical fluctuation, so I'll weigh in again on Weds. to see if this is a valid increase. I've been steadily increasing cals, and it seems to be paying off.

    When I got in the car after, my arms were so pumped that I could barely fasten my seatbelt!

  28. I wasn't able to hit the gym today, and I'll be working out at school the next 2 days, so I probably won't get a weight until Saturday. workouts have continued to be good.

    I'm 22 days in. Gonna start the 4derm and Max LMG this weekend.

  29. What is your previous cycle experience Beo, if you don't mind me asking..In another 15-20lbs I was thinking of running SD and TRN but hadn't seen anybody stack the TRN with any other PH yet, I will be interested to see how that goes for you..

  30. My first venture was 19nor/4ad, but I cut the cycle too short to really benefit. I gained a lot of weight, but it dissipated quickly.

    2nd try was SD solo. I ran what came out to 14mg per day for 20 days. Went great, but I had to wrap up a Master's thesis during PCT, during which numerous all nighters and not enough protein zapped my gains.

    So I'd say my previous experience is extremely mild. This is my first heavy cycle (by my standards)


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