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    End of Week 3 PCT Update

    Just a quick note to let everyone know where I'm at after 3 weeks of PCT. Body weight is 208 which is 1lb down from last week and 6lbs down from end of cycle. My weights in the gym have stayed the same or even gone up in some cases. I've been pretty good with my diet but I haven't been quite as strict as when I was on cycle. Still a really good diet though. I've cut back on carbs and overall calorie intake to help with some fat loss but I'm keeping my protein intake high. Not sure where my BF is. I'd like to think it's down but by looking in the mirror it doesn't always appear that way. Not sure if it's from the creatine I started taking at the start of PCT giving me extra water bloating or maybe cotisol turning muscle into fat. I don't think it's the latter since I'm taking 3 lean xtreme a day to balance that out. I'll do another BF test at the end of next week to find out what's going on.

    Stay with me! 1 week left!

    Fukin good log. See i told you, this was going to be a good stack bro. Congrats on the completion you did great.

  2. OK! Here it is! I should have posted this sooner but I've been busy at work. I had my BF measured on Monday and this is where I ended up after my 8 week cycle.

    Weight - 207
    BF - 14.5%

    Not too bad and about what I expected. For some of you just tuning in here are a few more numbers for ya.

    Starting stats

    Weight - 200
    BF - 17.5% (actually, a little closer to 18. 17.756 to be exact)

    After week 4 weeks on cycle

    Weight - 214
    BF - 15.9%

    So....if my math is right. That should equate to about a 5lb loss in BF and a 12lb gain overall in lean muscle. YES! Not too bad for a hard gainer like myself. This was a great first cycle and I'm already stoked to do another one after softball season is over with. I'll write some final closing comments on the cycle in a later post.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by diplomats
    Fukin good log. See i told you, this was going to be a good stack bro. Congrats on the completion you did great.

    Thanks Dips! You fukin ROCK! I really appreciate all the tips and advice you gave me throughout the whole thing. For someone that's never done any type of prohomone/steriod (or whatever it's considered) type cycle I was pleasantly surprised with the results and the way the whole thing went. It was your log that kind of pushed me over the edge to try a cycle of something. Now I have a couple bottles of Fini and a couple bottles of PP stored away for the next go around. I'm turning into a supplement hoar like you! I'm already taking notes from everyone else's logs on what works for cutting, bulking, strength, ect. This is GREAT! Anyways, thanks again.

  4. it all goood bro!!!I am going to be running a Halodrol, phera and probably prostan or m-trn. Be on the look out bro,i will start a log on the 1st of next month.


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