19nor 7keto transdermal

  1. 19nor 7keto transdermal

    I made a 19nor 7keto brew 10/5 split for post cycle.  Im'a see whats the deal. I figure it will help me keep gains and loose some water.  I think its a decent stack.  I havent heard much about using 19nor as a post cyle supp to help keep gains.  i figure its good cause its not known to has estrogen sides.   

  2. destro19, a word of caution here. You would not want to use 19nor for post-cycle, as it will continue to suppress HPTA.

    I do not know what your cycle has been or for how long, but you could use the 19nor to continue your cycle, but not for recovery.

    7keto can be used during post-cycle, as it is not suppressive. It will not help your T-levels recover, but it will not hurt either. I am currently using it myself, coming off a 4-week cycle.

  3. i meant continue not as post.  I wanted to go with a little switch up caues ive been using 1 test for a while now.  on and off of course.

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