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    21 year old male looking to see how much I can bulk up in 2-3 weeks tops. Yeah, a shortie cycle.

    20mg of Superdrol Daily
    75mg of Prostanozol Daily
    240mg of 4AD Daily (transdermally)

    Right now I weigh exactly 231lbs.

    Looking to gain AT LEAST 10 keepable pounds. That means I will eat a ton of food and have a good PCT which will involve Nolva.

    I'll try to update this often.

  2. Yea i don't think the 4ad would be a good idea for a short cycle

  3. darius
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    Damn, my bad, yeah I was trying to search for info on 4AD last night and its so hard to find cause the search doesnt pick up 3 letter words.

    Guess I'll kick it out and just do the SD and Prostanzol.
  4. darius
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    Pumped as hell and its day 2. Did chest, bi's and tri's. Arms are so pumped up and my chest feels good. Superdrol has always worked really fast for me, so this is typical for me. I'll post my evening weight tonight, although I don't expect it to change for at least a few more days.

  5. even though you have already decided against it..I would definitely suggest not including the 4-ad...

  6. darius
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    First thing this morning (Day 4) got on the scale before eating and I weigh 237 lbs. It's the same scale that I weighed myself on when I posted my original weight. I'm sure some of that has to be water, cause that would make it a 6lb gain in 4 days. I definitely look and feel bigger. Feeling a little lethargic already. I woke up this morning with horrible back pain. Not really like pumps, but just pain, definitely related to these steroids. Going to workout my shoulders today. Also, I have been eating 5 or so times a day, trying to keep my belly full with lots of protein/carbs.


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