Question About d-Bol and Sustanon

  1. Question About d-Bol and Sustanon

    I will finish up my first cycle ever the 2nd week of March... and thinking of starting a new cycle mid Summer of d-Bol and Sustanon- Anyone been on this cycle before? Or have a good reason to tell me I'm an idiot for mixing those two.

    By the way this is my first post ever, and newbie to the site also... and I'm not afraid to mention my lack of knowledge when it comes to this stuff. I've done what i can to read up on what I can- But I have already said more than I know. LoL thanks A lot. DAVID<ky>

  2. Test and Dbol is fine. Personally i don't like sust. Mine as well just run Prop imo if your going to be injecting atleast eod anyways.
    I would personally just stick with Test-e and dbol but that's because I like only having to inj twice a week.
    To answer your question though there is no reason you can't run both as long as your cool with injecting the sust eod.

  3. I ment to mention this in my post and forgot to like an idiot. My first cycle was that of Test and DecaDurabolin- i will try and upload pictures tomarrow and help keep you all posted on my gains so far... and my ending results- thanks for being interested-

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