Superdrol Log (yes another)

  1. Superdrol Log (yes another)

    Stats: 22yrs. old
    6' 1''
    190 lbs.
    8% bf
    1st cycle
    6 years training consistently

    Preloaded One Week
    Milk Thistle: 3 CAPS PERFECT CYCLE ED
    Red Yeast Rice: 2 caps ED 1200mg
    CoQ10: 60mg ED
    Hawthorn Berries: 1000mg ED
    EFAs: (Ultra Omega 3.6.9) 1 cap ED
    Flax Oil: 2 cap ED
    Celery Seed: 3x1500mg ED
    Multi Vitamin: 1 daily
    Policosinol: 20mg ED

    Taking on cycle: same supplements.

    PCT:same support supplements.

    wk-1: Nolva 40mg/RXT 25mg/Reduce XT 75mg ACTivate half dose fen 2 caps
    wk2: Nolva 30mg/RXT 50mg/Reduce XT 50mg ACTivate full dose, fen 3 caps
    wk3: Nolva 20mg/RXT 50mg/Reduce XT 25mg ACTivate full dose, fen 4 caps
    wk4: Nolva 10mg/RXT 75mg/Reduce XT 25mg ACTivate half dose fen 5 caps

    Superdrol: 10mg/20mg/20mg

    Dosed at 9:30 a.m with bowl of oatmeal and 1 Table Spoon conola oil (yea not the best kind for fats buts its all I got.)

    Weight: 189.5 lbs (weighed at night after large meal)

    Training Split:

    Wednesday: Upper Body (Back Emphasis)
    Thursday: Lower Body (Ham Emphasis)
    Saturday: Upper Body ( Chest Emphasis)
    Sun: Lower Body (Quad Emphasis)

    Work outs are mostly 4-6 rep range, and some exercises are 6-8. I am trying to maximize strength gains while gaining some size as well.

    No previous cycle expericence. Blood work done one week ago, waiting for results. Will post when I get them. Post cycle blood work is also going to be done.

    Pre-cycle Measurements:
    Neck: 16.5"
    Chest: 42"
    Waist: 34 1/2"
    Quads: 24"
    Calf: 15 3/4"
    Arms: 16 3/4"

    Day One: (Wednesday 2/8/06)

    Upper Body ( Back Emphasis)

    Placebo effect most likely, weights felt a little light compared to normal.

    Side Effects: Increased appetite and thirst. Everything else normal.

  2. subscribed, good luck man.

  3. good luck man take some before and after pics if you can. remember to get those carbs up, sd feeds off of high carb intake.

  4. Ya, already took before pics, I am going to post them with after pics to compare the two. As for diet I am eating around 4000 calories, about 450 g carb 200g protein, and 100g fat.

  5. Day Two: (2/9/06)

    Lower Body (Ham Emphasis)

    Dosed 10 mg at round 4:00, 1 1/2 hours prior to working out with two Pb&Js.

    Work out went well, not really noticing too much of anything. I plan on upping dosage to 20mg is no sides are occuring.

    Side Effects: The only thing I have noticed is constant thirst through out the day. Hunger increased after I had taken my dose.

    Side Note: Every day my gf is giving me crap about taking this, I hope to get good gains with low sides so she will be quiet.

  6. Good luck with your cycle I would recommend more protein intake though.

  7. What should I shoot for as far as protein goes? I don't know if this helps any, but all of that is from food alone, I am plannig on buying some whey protein in the next day or so. That would help considerably.

  8. Day 3: (2/10/06)

    Rest Day

    Still not feeling a thing. I am upping my protein intake and trying to eat like crazy. Feeling a little dehydrate today, it has been a little bit hotter than normal up here and I think the SD robbing me of water.

    Side Effects: None at all. This is only the third day, and I am going to up it on day 5 (Sunday) if no sides are occuring.

    Side Note: I got my lab results back today. Everything is fine, and more specifically I asked the doctor (over the phone) what my cholesterol was:

    Total Cholesterol: 126
    HDL: 45
    LDL: 70

    Pretty damn good if you ask me!

    I am editing this post 7 hours after, and just for ****s and giggles I measured one of my arms and its up 1/4''!!! That much in 3 days, and on only 10 mg!! I also weighed myself tonight with shoes jeans and a shirt, and I weighed in at 196 lbs. I know the clothes add weight but I have never EVER weighed this much in my life fully clothed. I am hoping for the results to keep coming. I will know how my strength is going when I work out tomorow.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by PVSkyHigh
    What should I shoot for as far as protein goes? I don't know if this helps any, but all of that is from food alone, I am plannig on buying some whey protein in the next day or so. That would help considerably.

    The protein should be 1.20g or 1.50g multiply by your weight. A must for proper gain.You must have surplus of protein all the time.
    Carb is 2g x your weight
    Fat is 20% of your weight.
    The more weight you gain then you have to change the macronutrient all the time. Lets assume you gain 1lb or 2lbs or more per week then more calories should come from carbs. 2cents

  10. Day 4 (2/11/06)

    Upper Body (Chest Emphasis)

    Sorry for those who are reading this log that I have taken so long to update this but I have been really busy. I live in a fraternity house and every room has its own kitchen bathroom living room bed room and loft. My roommate, I and a couple friends painted the room and cleaned all weekend for rush this week.

    Ok, back to business. Weight is up 4 lbs. today. I can't believe the weight gain, its incredible. The strength gains are coming slowly right now but they are definately present. I had a really good upper body work out today.

    Side Effects: Increased thirst and hunger and experienced first sign of a back pump. Very slight, nothing at all to worry about. I starting dosing 3 g of taurine today.

    Side Note: If not other sides are present I am upping dose to 20 mgs.

  11. Day 5 (2/12/06)

    Rest Day

    My body is exhausted I painted all day yesterday and my knees are killing me. My weight is still up though...which is good because I know its working but I want to gain strength and not weigh right now but its ok.

    Side Effects: Increased thirst.

  12. Day 6 (2/13/06)

    Lower Body (Quad Emphasis)

    I felt tired today but once I got to the gym It was smooth sailing from there. Work out went well. Weights were slightly above normal, but nothing I would credit SD for. I upped to the dosage to 20 mgs a day. I am getting really good pumps in the gym today. Back pumps were more pronounced but nothing that bothered me. I have been taking taurine for the past couple of days so hopefully it will help out.

    Side Effects: Same as above, increased thirst and maybe a little lathargy but I think thats due to my hectic schedule over the weekend and the increasingly hot weather. Later tonight I had weird feelings in my chest where my heart is.....kinda like it stopped for a split this in my head or what? Should I go back to 10 mgs for the rest of the cycle?

  13. I have read up on this and some people have reported heart palpatations. I am going to 10 mgs tomorow and will stay like that for a few days and then try to up the dosage again. If I get no palpatations with 10 mgs but have them once again at 20mgs I think I might just run 3 weeks @ 10mg. Will I see semi decent gains @ only 10 mgs?

  14. I think I may have taken my two doses two close together. I took one at around 10 a.m. and then another cap before I worked out at about 4. I know you are supposed to dose 12 hours apart, so today I took one in the morning at 10:00, so I won't take my other one till 10 tonight. I think I overwhelmed my body by taking the doses to close together. I will update with how I am feeling later toinght

  15. interesting

  16. Hi PSV.

    What did you say to your GP in order to get your blood test?

  17. I was going to take an Oral AAS, he lectured me on the cons, then he said that he knew I was going to take them so he wrote me up the lab request.

  18. i have had a mild headache at the temples for two yays, h20 intake has been low is this the culprit?

  19. If you can, get BP checked. That's where I got the persistent headaches and BP was the culprit.

  20. howd you fix it?

  21. I upped my hawthorn, celery seed and luckily my cycle finished a few days later.
    All you can really do is take stuff for BP or ,if it's at dangerous levels, abandon the cycle.

  22. Update: The last two days have been rest days for me and that is why I havent posted.

    I am going to abandon this cycle as of headache has finally gone away which i attribute to drinking too little of water and upping my dosage to 20 mgs. My chest has been feeling really weird the past 3 days. I'll get quick sharp pains and it will seem like its beating really hard. Three nights ago I experienced heart palpatations I believe and I don't want to risk more cardiovascular damage.

    How should I run a proper PCT from doing a 10 cycle of superdrol? I have nolva, lean xtreme, activaTe anf fenugreek for pct products.

  23. Health has first priority. All the same, sorry to hear you had to stop short - I'll bet you are disappointed.
    On PCT, how many days have you run SD for and at what dosage each day?

  24. I am back on, took two days off, I will update later. Right now after one cap a day for 4 days I am at 138/78 for my bp. I am going to finish at 10 mg for a total of 3 weeks including the two days I took off from it.

  25. In case you don't know about it, you might want to give TwinLab's Blood Pressure Control a try. I have been using it lately with great success. It isn't too cheap but it does appear to be effective. I remember reading other members using it as well with good results. Might be worth a try. Good luck with the rest of the cycle. I have had a bottle of Superdrol sitting in the cabinet for a long time now but for some reason I'm just too damn worried to give it a go. Maybe when I do my next cycle at the end of the year I'll give it a try. Take care.


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