attempt SD/max lmg log

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  1. attempt SD/max lmg log

    Here is the long awaited..."SD/Max LMG cycle"...the "looks good on paper" cycle.

    I'm going to sleep now though and will start officially in the morning. Today was day one and i will say that i took my other cap of SD and max around 8 or 9 and i feel like i won't be able to fall asleep.

    cycle is

    SD @ 20 mg/day split am/pm
    LMG @ 75 mg/day split 3 times
    pct will be rebound xt and lean xt or retain
    taking GXR throughtout and into pct

    additional crap i am taking

    red rice yeast
    fish oil caps
    flax oil caps
    folic acid
    B complex
    Uniliver tabs
    chromium picolinate
    and other vitamins/minerals that i am forgetting b/c i take so much in the am

    stats kind of are

    around 177-180
    ~12% bf

    I don't write down meal plans or count calories..i've been eating long enough to just have an idea, so I would say I'm doing about maintenance, adding mucho fiber like 30Grams a day..reducing carbs, increasing good fats


    Monday: back/chest/15 minutes cardio
    Tuesday: 45 min combination hit and moderate cardio/abs
    Wed: Bis/tris/15 minutes cardio
    Thursday: same as tuesday
    Friday: shoulders and possibly legs
    saturday: legs if I change my mind on friday

    I've normally done the whole back/bi..chest/tri routine, but am going for the push/pull type stuff on this one.

    goal is to end at about 185+ under 10%'ll happen

    today was first arm workout was really good, and cardio went really well. I felt like i could go for a lot longer. Obviously this is a placebo effect at this point considering i just started this morning..but hey i'll take it for now.

    i also lost my wrist straps which sucks.

    and apparently i didn't go to sleep 3 paragraphs ago so it is time

    the end


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  3. Had a real difficult time falling asleep last night. I normally have a difficult time falling asleep, however last night just seemed different. I don't think I will take the last SD/lmg so close to when I would like to go to sleep.

    I forgot to add some things
    taking 3 caps MDHT pre workout
    green tea extract throughout the day

    Today when I woke up I felt agitated. This was probably b/c I didn't get much sleep and am still living with my parents, and now my grandfather..and they are remodling the kitchen. But I felt overly annoyed this morning.

    I won't be weighing myself until the gym which is at night.

    My updates will consist of morning, and night comments

    Of course feel free to post any questions or anything you would like me to keep track of. I am going to try and get some before and after pics also.

    I might add in some PGH as well, but am undecided at the moment.


  4. it's 10:30 am right now, and I feel like I could probably sleep right now for a few hours. Again I will attribute that for now to going to sleep around 2:00 am and waking up at 6. I do feel very sluggish though.

  5. I was away since Friday morning for work, last minute trip to a field office.

    Friday and Saturday didn't make it into the gym since I was away for work. Thursday Shoulders went awesome however due to some long time shoulder issues I couldn't go as heavy as I would have liked.

    Did get 8 x 360 with shrugs

    Sunday leg day was awesome, I am feeling pumped pretty much always. It might still be too early for it to be from the actual supps, but I will keep track. WEight as of Thursday was about 179. I will weigh in tonight also.

    Today is chest/back day.

    I am not feeling lethargic really either. I think last week was just from not sleeping to well the one night.


  6. i would double the lmg to 150mg/day to get a good effect

  7. Being that it is my first time using both SD/LMG, I'm going to run the lowest dose that should be effective. I want to see how I react to it before ramping something up that high.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by hamper19
    Being that it is my first time using both SD/LMG, I'm going to run the lowest dose that should be effective. I want to see how I react to it before ramping something up that high.
    I second that bro. Thanks for keeping this log, it's great practice for the Rebound Reloaded you're doing later...

    I have a couple questions for you: Are you saying you are keeping carbs LOWER than usual while doing this? If so, why? And also, if you could please post previous cycle experience as well as when was your previous one, it will assess the "freshness" of your androgen receptors.


  9. Well I'm not really lowering the carbs so to speak, I'm just eating mostly all of them in the morning, and at lunch . Only carbs after that will be from veggies...I have a real easy ability to put on fat, and carbs are normally the culprit for me.

    I'm mostly taking in my carb count from fiber now, as opposed to say a sweet potato or brown rice or something, so its basically different carbs rather then lower I suppose. I'm looking to stay as lean as possible, and ideally get leaner (aren't we all). Over the years though I've figured out what I need to do to be able to have this happen. So my breakfast consists of this flax/wheat bran hot cereal stuff, and another 1/4 cup of unprocessed wheat bran. Totals about 35 grams carbs and about 17 grams from fiber.

    as for previous cycles I'm not sure how far you want me to go back. First one was a while ago, and a deca only cycle, I'd say maybe 8 years ago. I think it was either 2 or 400 mg a week, I forget to be honest. I did get what i was looking for and put on a lean 8 pounds kept it all. Lets see over the years I've done

    1 test/4ad trans cycle twice
    M1t only cycle
    Transdermal Fina oral winny (really liked that one)
    Last cycle was over a year ago and consisted of
    trans 1test/4ad, and MOHN and I only ran that for 4 weeks, before that was a while also. I'd say my receptors are fairly fresh and ready to suck up some goodness

    I hope that response was good enough.

  10. as for an update. Chest/Back day. Strength is up nicely on all lifts. Close grip rows topped out at 245 x 10 (last week 210 x 5) ...Hopefully I'll be doing the entire stack by next week..tops out at 360

    One thing I did notice was Friday during work my right hamstring kept feeling like it was about to go into spasm but then would subside. I had an injury to that ham string years ago, and it was in the exact same spot that I tore it a long time ago. i thought that was odd.

    I did feel pretty tired today during work, but snapped out of it on my ride home and on the way to the gym. Got in 20 minutes of cardio also. PWO shake was about 1.5 hours ago and just weighed myself at home at 175. I'm getting ready to eat again now, some blackened catfish and spinach.

    I did get a compliment at work today by this hot girl she said "wow kris that shirt makes you look pretty buff"

    I laughed cause she said buff, but nonethe less it was cool


  11. u will really like the gains u r about to start making, good luck.......

  12. Good stuff my man! You're experienced, so that makes this log all the more interesting. Remember though that fiber = no calories.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Grunt76
    Good stuff my man! You're experienced, so that makes this log all the more interesting. Remember though that fiber = no calories.

    yeah this hot cereal is pretty good. "Hodgson Mill"

    ingredients: Oats, unprocessed wheat bran, milled flaxeed, soy grits, untoasted wheat germ, cracked whole wheat.
    1/3 cup dry

    Calories 160
    Total fat 3g
    sat = .5 g
    cholesterol 0
    sodium 0
    total carbs 25g
    dietary fiber 6g
    sugar 1g
    Protien 7g

    And it actually tastes good and inexpensive, I'd recomend it for people looking to add some more fiber/flax

    then i add just plain wheat bran
    1/3 cup
    35 calories
    11 g total carbs
    8g fiber
    1g sugar
    3g protien

    Also have 1 scoop whey so thats my get up and go breakfast...and trust me, when i get to work i definitely have to get up and go...then of course i eat again usually 4 eggs (2 whole, 4 whites), with some kind of meat, veggies, and cheese.

    I'm definitely getting the calories in there. It's actually kind of difficult at the moment though. I'm still living with the parents for a few more months, and they are remodeling the entire kitchen. Its been tough the past couple days, but I'm making it happen. Defrosting some buffalo steaks as we speak!


  14. Buffalo steaks? never had em, how are they?

  15. Quote Originally Posted by PVSkyHigh
    Buffalo steaks? never had em, how are they?
    not sure to be honest, I've had buffalo burgers and they are pretty good. I'm having one for dinner #2 tomorrow so I will let you know

    nutrition info is

    6oz buffalo steak

    180 calories
    total fat 2.5g
    sat .5 g
    Cholesterol 65mg
    Sodium 75mg
    Carbs 0
    Protein 40g

    They came in a box "Great Range" brand all natural buffalo steak medallions. 2 6oz steaks for 5.99 not bad i say


  16. too much for me still, lol Ill stick to boneless skinless chicken breast at 1.68 a lb.

  17. first I will say the buffalo steaks were awesome! I like them better then beef actually. Anyway

    Today was abs/lowerback/cardio day. my lower back felt a little tight from yesterdays back/chest workout but managed to get a really good workout in after some good stretching

    Dead lifts were good, 225 x 15, 275 x 10, 295 x 6

    felt like i could just keep doing cardio for a while, but after 45 minutes felt it was enough.

    defintely feeling more "swole" in general...seeing some old friends..aka veins in my arms that i haven't seen in a while, and also in my chest.

    I feel tired during the day, but after my workout i'm wide awake, more then usual

    weighed in at 180 today at the gym pre-workout, and was too sweaty/tired to weight myself again after. Next weigh in will be first thing in the morning dry


  18. weight first thing this morning was 175 on the home scale, which i think is off anyway. I'll see what i am looking like at the gym tonight

    Arms day, so that should be fun. I really need a damn ipod so I can listen to something while I'm lifting. I think it would be so much better.

    Also feeling more hungry during the day which is cool. I'm up to eating about 7 times a day

    I looked in the mirror this morning and seem to be filling out more, maybe its just mind games who knows. But first thing after the shower i was like damn my traps are looking big!

  19. Recap of my first complete week on the cycle

    Starting weight around 177 weighing at the gym around 6:00pm
    1 week later (today) weighin in at 186 same time at the gym
    ** I am feeling a little bloated today, but no more then I usually do at random times during the week

    Most noticable strength gains
    close grip rows (only listing last set)
    last week 210 x 5
    this week 245 x10

    incline bench hammer strength (after seated chest press)
    last week 6x90 (on each side)
    this week 8x100 (each side)
    ** i have an issue with the right shoulder which hinders my chest workouts, I'm planning on scheduling some ART sessions next week

    Standing straight bar curls
    last week 5x75
    this week 6x85

    also note I try to maintain form, so while these might seem low to some, there's no cheating

    The boys seem to be ok, maybe a little smaller...libido is normal i guess, i'm not really getting laid at the moment, but if i was, i'm sure i'd be

    I'll know what legs are like in a few days

    appetite is up, vascularity is improving.

    I'm not really looking any leaner, but not gaining fat so thats fine i suppose.

    I am looking thicker though. I also think I have BDD, so who knows. When i think i'm fat people tell me I look like im in good shape, so my visual opinion might be skewed. I also think we all have some kind of BDD in us on this board.


  20. update:

    Strength continues to go up, and so does my feeling of being bloated. I am looking leaner in the mirror, but feel like I'm getting fatter. Leg day yesterday morning due to the massive amount of snow we had over the weekend.

    Recovery has improved a lot. Normally my legs would be sore for 2-3 days, but already the day after they are sore, but I can tell by tomorrow they will be fine.

    Weight at the gym yesterday 186, so possibly up 8-10 pounds. That was around 12:00 noon and all I had up until then was a protien shake.

    I am waiting for PG-H to come in and will add that as soon as I get it and run it for the remainder of the cycle, through PCT, and until it's gone or I get more (probably get more).

    Another thing to note is I am getting acne this cycle, and I never really got it before..on my face that is. I'm getting more then usual on my chest and face.

  21. Good log man. The results are pretty amazing IMO.

  22. I think so too...I feel fat today I'm like a woman when it comes to that (possibly a case of BDD)

    glad to see that someone is watching this though.

  23. Yeh that's pretty strange "feeling" fat but "looking" leaner... WTF? Do you feel like you're on estrogen or what?

    Another question for you: What kind of calorie level are you running with this?

  24. I think i am just bloated. Like last night it looked like I was leaner, and I felt tight. This morning i just feel bloated.

    I do think i have issues with how I perceive myself though. I used to be fat in highschool, and even when i was really lean (5.5% bf), i could never seem to look the way i wanted to in the mirror, meanwhile i have my friends gf telling me i had the perfect body for a guy etc (at that point)...

    The reason I think i look leaner is b/c I took a mineral bath yesterday after doing legs and while chilling in the tub I could see my abs looking down. Normally i can see them in the mirror with proper lighting, but its been a while since i saw them just looking down at the gut.

    As for calories, I'm not counting (never do). I would say maintenance, or maybe a little above.

    I actually took a few pics last week, so I will try and compare when I am done with this, and then after pct.

    Let me think about what I've eaten today and I'll post my estimate. I pretty much eat the same everyday, just different foods if that makes sense.

  25. This is what i have, and will eat today...

    2 whole eggs, 2 egg whites
    2 oz cube steak
    2 slices american cheese

    6 oz homemade chili (no beans)
    85% lean meat, with fat drained prior to adding chili spices (low sodium and lots of cayenne pepper)
    bell peppers and celery are the only things added besides the meat and spices

    next meal will be 4 or 5 oz salmon filet (guessing, its not large)
    2 cups spinach sauteed in a little evoo


    PWO shake (2 scoops ON whey, 1/4 cup wheat bran)

    45 mins later
    5oz center cut pork chop
    spinach again or maybe brocolli if i have some

    then either a shake before bed, or 6 low sodium triscuits w 2oz low fat motzarella cheese.

    I'm a little busy at work so I don't have time to figure out the numbers right now, but I can later..maybe lol


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