t1 pro & winny

  1. t1 pro & winny

    I was thinking for my next cycle of running to bottles of t1 pro and 6 weeks of winny. I was wondering if anyone has tried this before and could give me some help

  2. Should be a lean, "hard" cycle. Do you not get lethargic with that low of 4AD? You might want to have some more around just in case you get too tired.

  3. thanks

  4. Whats your goals from this cycle?

  5. Ageed. That sounds like a good little cycle. keep us posted. Talk to ya..
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  6. to get from current BF which is aproaching 15% to 10% with out actual loss of weight

  7. I did T1pro with winny for 4 weeks. I was impressed!


  8. Was the Winny IM or oral and at what dosage?

  9. winny was oral, 50mg/day.

  10. 25 tabs a day!!!!

  11. haha nah man...1 tab a day.

    specially made in china!!!!

  12. oh and theyve tested out at about 46.9 or something mg a tab. so its not bad considering its about $1 or less a tab

  13. that is an awesome price. I have heard of them but I thought they were bull. A buddy of mine just paid 4 bucks a pop for them.

  14. 4 bucks for what?...the 50mg tabs?

  15. yeah and he just bought like 50 of them. I was going to buy them as well but I held off... Granted money is not an issue to him since he makes over 200k a year

  16. dude what does he do, i want that job..lol

    im jealous, but then again im only 23, so i got some time.

  17. I was going to pay that same price and buy like 150 of them. He owns his own business. I think i know a way you could make a few bucks...

  18. Well this sucks can't find any winny tabs so if you read my other thread you will see what I plan to run in June

  19. Yes found some tabs

  20. good shiat...pm me..lol

  21. Okay couldn't find prop so here goes for my attempt at a cycle I tried once before but got pneumonia and quit using AS. this will be a 10 week cycle for cutting let me know what you all think
    Sust 250 500mg 1-10
    EQ 400mg week 1-10
    Winny 30 to 50 mg not sure yet of dose 4-10
    I will most likely run 30 mg of winny
    I have nolvadex on hand just in case
    I will run clomid but trying to find out for how long and how much
    once I figure the clomid out I will start June 15 and post some before and after shots

  22. Those 50mg winnies - what do they look like? i have heard they are yellow with a 50 stamp on one side. But when i asked the guy said all he had was blue 50's and they sucked???

  23. Actually the ones I have are from a friend who gets them with a prescipt and they are 5 mg per pill


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