1st AAS Cycle! - Test / Dbol

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  1. 1st AAS Cycle! - Test / Dbol

    As some of you may know, i've decided to venture into the world of AAS. I had originally decided to take Test/EQ/Dbol for my first cycle, but due to the fact that my source messed up and sent me cypionate instead of equipoise, i decided to just run the test and dbol. Hopefully it'll get corrected so that I can use the EQ in my next cycle. Anyway, here is how the cycle will look:
    Weeks 1-12: Test E 600 mg ew
    Weeks 1-4: Dbol 35 mg ed
    Arimidex + Nolva as needed
    HCG starting around week 7 500 iu ew
    PCT will consist of Nolva, Clomid, ATD and retain.

    Pre-Cycle Stats:
    190 lbs
    16 3/4" Biceps
    33" waist
    Max Bench: 250 lbs.
    Max Curl (BB): 110 lbs.
    Shoulder DB Press: 65 lbs. 6 reps

    Today will be my first injection. Any questions or concerns please feel free to post. Thanks and wish me luck!

  2. Looks good. I would start the HCG earlier personally. Weeks 4-14 will work with a 10000iu vial. Dbol will shut ya down in a hurry. I would also add a cortisol blocker int o PCT and drop the ATD and retain. But hey, thats just me. Either way, you are gonna love the test bro! Enjoy.
    Recent log:http://anabolicminds.com/forum/supplement-reviews-logs/213350-lean-efx-refined.html

  3. just injected 300 mg of test. no pain, surprisingly. today's a rest day, so i'm gonna be taking my 35 mg of dbol split up between now and bed time.

  4. How long ago was your last cycle ???

  5. good job, keep us updated with your gains. Where are you doing injections?

  6. I would drop the dbol, but that is just me. It seemed to have given me a mild case of gyno when I did my 12 week test enth at 500mg per week and ran dbol for the first four weeks at 20/30/30/35 or something like that.

  7. it's been 1 1/2 months since i finished pct. pct was only 2 weeks, and the cycle was 3 1/2 weeks. so i'm good to go.

  8. Day 1:
    Right ass cheek is kindda sore right now. Might have something to do with the fact that I started laughing when my friend poked me yesterday and the needle was bouncing around. Going to take my dbol (15 mg pre-workout) and then off to the gym.

  9. Guys i cleared my internet history, which used to log me in automatically, and I have forgotten the password I use for this account. Not only that, i also forgot the email i registered with. it's still me though! Here's the update:
    Day 1:
    Worked out shoulders today. No real increase in strength, but I did feel pumped and tight the whole workout. I felt massive. My ass is still kind of sore, which is starting to piss me off. It was even getting better until someone hit it today, so i'm still in some pain. Anyway, my diet has been perfect upto now. Here's what i've eaten so far:
    Meal 1 (6:30 A.M.): 3-4 servings natural pb, concorde jelly, 2 slices bread, 12 ounces skim milk
    Meal 2 (9:30 A.M.): 5 ounces ham, fat free swiss, 1 slice of bread
    Meal 3 (12:45 P.M.): A LOT of extra lean turkey, 2 slices of bread, 2 slices of american cheese (regular), plenty of honey mustard.
    Meal 4 (3:30 P.M.): This is my pre-workout meal. It was 32 g of Mega Milk, 12 ounces skim milk, and ooaattss
    Meal 5 (6:45 P.M.): 4 ounces lean ground beef, potatoes au gratin, 16 ounces skim milk

    So far i like what the dbol's been doing. No strength (unfortunately) but i feel and look tight the whole time i'm at the gym. Not bad for day 2.

  10. Good luck with the cycle. Nice to see some research done before starting it out. I wish you the best of luck, ill be watching

  11. Wait till week 2 on the dbol.
    BTW I can post what email account you used to register with, so you can get your password straigtened out.

  12. thanks a lot man...i had forgotten about that email address

  13. Anytime!

  14. And incase any of you are wondering what brand of gear iv'e decied to use, it's propharm. Hopefully everything will go smoothly as they've been great to deal with.
  15. Thumbs up


    Good luck man, I will be running my first ever non oral aas very soon...same as yours.

  16. Great Log, Subscribed!

  17. Day 3:
    Rest day today. Weight was at 190 lbs. this morning, so i may be up a little (i'll check and repost later). Today is a rest day. Already taken all of my dbol. The pain in my right cheek is finally going away. Also, unusually sore today (traps, shoulders, triceps, and lats?).

  18. Guys, i've also been considering for a little while now taking something towards the end of my cycle to help dry me out. The 3 things i've been considering are winni (50 mg ed oral), anavar (30-40 mg ed), or superdrol (20 mg ed). I'd rather not go the superdrol route with all the talk about delayed gyno, but if you guys think it would be best then i'd reconsider. thanks in advance.
  19. bully
    bully's Avatar

    Hi Mate, 1st cycle i personally would only take dbol 50mg ed included would be vitamin c 1000mg x3 ed and milk thistle even liver 52 to keep toxins from building up. Stay on dbol for 10 weeks and if still want to grow switch to the test and a bit of decca just depends on your goal. if your diet is good i would expect 20lbs on dbol alone.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by bully
    Stay on dbol for 10 weeks....i would expect 20lbs on dbol alone.
    10wks of DBOL?!

  21. no way i'm doing 50 mg ed of dbol for my first cycle
    no way i'm going past 4-5 weeks on dbol
    i'm getting vitamin c everytime i take the dbol since orange juice is the only drink that seems to cover the taste
    i'm taking 2 pills ed AX perfect cycle for liver support
  22. bully
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    First timers are very susceptible to gear not much needed combined with a good deit 20lbs in 10 weeks while on dianabol very achivable my friend.

  23. I am thinking about a similar cycle.

    Do you guys think clomid and nolva would suffice for pct?

    Also would about running test with igflr3 do you think the dbol would be overkill?

    Thanks for the log btw.
  24. bully
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    id save the test for second cycle myself. new to board but not new to the game my friend decision is always yours but with 13year experience and several comps under my belt i have wasted a lot of **** over the years and learned from mistakes and helped a lot of guys depends on your goals. good luck anyway

  25. based on what i've learned from my research, test should be the base of almost every cycle. without it, you risk losing all of your gains, especially if the cycle is only dbol. don't take this the wrong way bully, but you're full of sh*t.


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