Draven's SuperONE+ Cycle - comments?

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  1. Draven's SuperONE+ Cycle - comments?

    Alright after an extremely long planning stage I'm ready to start my sONE+ cycle. I being doing the standard 4 week cycle at 6 squirts x2 day. I'll be using 6-oxo post cycle (I know nolva and clomid are cheaper but they're harder to find in Canada).

    I tried to embbed my stats but apparently you can't include HTML in your post so I just made a simple webpage which gives my stats, measurments, pics, nutrition and training. I'd appreciate any input you guys can give. I'll be keeping a daily log here in this thread and updating the full stats page below every Sunday with pics etc.

    The site is http://gaining-mass.com/bbpics/total.html
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  2. Thumbs up

    Looks good man, you definitely have your *hit together and have a great base built up for a successful cycle, looking forward to seeing how it goes. It looks like your arms are a lot bigger than 13.5 as well, did you measure them unflexed? They look closer to 15 or so to me.

  3. Thanks and yes, all measurments are cold and unflexed.

  4. Damn Draven, kick ass set up brother. You've already earned 5lbs of muscle just for the work you've put into it

  5. alright Draven good luck man... show them people that says this **** don't work

  6. Day 1

    Well today is day 1. Worked chest and triceps and it went pretty well. I'm sure it's just placebo but I felt stronger and managed to bump most of my lifts by 5-10 pounds. Placebo or not, progress is progress. My chest felt a little flat though. I was hoping to get a really good pump going for the fascia stretching I was going to do, but no luck. I still did it and it still hurt like hell soÖ. I figure I will really see the benefits once I get the good pumps going like others. This just seems like the best time to do the fascia exercises from YJís fascia post. If the pump is the key then why not do them when your pumps are at the absolute peak, while ďonĒ, right?

    I actually started last night, I applied it to my chest and got a bit of a shock, it burnt like hell. I had a super nasty rash and the **** burned for a good 30 mins. I tried not to panic and figured it was probably because I had shaved my chest about a 1/2 hour earlier and the DMSO probably just irritated it. Sure enough this morning the rash was gone. I applied to my legs this morning, just incase, and it was fine. No burring and no rash. Just to be sure I applied some cream to my chest and will use my shoulders or calves tonight to give my chest a break.

    BTW, I forgot to list the sups Iím taking:

    3g of Vitamin C
    500mg Vitamin E
    12 Universal Liver tabs
    5g Creatine (Off days) - 10g Creatine (WO days)
    1g Calcium

    Thatís it for now.

  7. WOOO DRAVENNN GOOD LUCK ON YOUR JOURNEYYY!!! may you gain a lot of mass man , im counting on you
  8. Day 2

    Day 2.

    Nothing really much to report thus far, worked back and Bi's today. Back workout sucked a bit but bi's rocked. I'm starting to get that "I could just keep going" feeling but the pumps aren't great yet. Strength again is up a tiny bit but nothing to write home about.

    Applied to my upper arms and traps last night and got the burn again. Not as bad as it was on my chest Sunday but my upper body definitely seems to be more sensitive to the 1-test. Applied to my calves this morning and it was fine, my legs must just be less sensitive. All in all it's 4 application area's to rotate through so as long as I keep applying lotion I think I'll be fine. Any other good spots I'm missing? I included the tops of my feet with calves. Is it just my or is it a **** load of liquid in 6 squirts? I e-mailed Mike and he says that's correct (He changed the bottle for shipping so it's not the org. head). Sctxms and mauibuilt, what do you guys think? You've both used SO+.

    So far, so good, I expect I'll start to see some major strength increases by Friday like most.

  9. Draven here's another application site for ya.
    Right below your waist line either to the right or left of your pubic area. Like right where your hip flexor muscles are.

  10. Cool. Thanks metacat!

  11. stay away from the nuts tho... trust me... you thought the burn was bad before?

    oh and stay away from the nipples as well; my chest always burned like hell when i accidentally hit the nipples with the T1 PRO

  12. draven dude, your homework is well done! good luck and keep bustin' your ass...when i use the same split as you, i swap the tri's and bi's....i can handle "two" workouts a week on the arms so since tri's get work with chest already i do bi's on this day and vice versa on back day....it's purely dependent on what your body needs to grow though, but the increased recovery ability while "on" may allow you to do something like this.......go get 'em! al

  13. Sorry to clog your thread up with questions Draven, but what is fascia stretch? I typed "fascia stretch" for a seatch but I didn't get anything.

  14. Hey metacat I sent you the info via priv msg, hope it got there

  15. Thanks Raul, there use to be an article here on it meta, but after a quick search I can't seem to find it. I have it saved so maybe I'll repost it.

    BigAl, I may give that a try. I'm going to wait and see how this week goes first.
  16. Day 3

    Day 3

    I seem to be leaning out a bit. I usually have a bit of fat covering my lower abs just enough to hide them but this morning I could clearly see them. I decided to jump on the scale to see if I'm losing weight (In case I need to up the cals) and I'm still the same weight which may mean I've dropped some fat, YAY. I'm going to wait till my official weigh in on Sunday before I make any drastic changes but I think the 1-test maybe kicking in. I've heard numerous reports of people leaning out a bit before the 4-ad kicked in.

    I've also notice the 4-ad precipitating out a bit the last few times so I've had to run hot water over the bottle and shake the hell out of it before applying. It seems to be milkier looking now than before, looked almost clear before, so I may have not shook it, or warmed it, enough for the first few applications.

    Leg day is tomorrow so itíll be interesting to see if the strength is up at all.
  17. Day 5

    Day 5

    Shoulders and traps today, damn the pumps are starting to get nice. All lifts are up 5 pounds, even on lateral raises which is nice. The bloat has started to kick in though which sucks.... went from leaning out and seeing my lower abs to almost all my abs vanishing. No biggie though, I knew it was coming.

    No sides yet, nips are fine, energy is good. Libido's starting to go up a bit which isn't a bad thing. Broke my rule and jumped on the scale this morning and I've gained about a pound but it's still earlier, I know most don't see gains till week 2 and 3 so....

  18. Looks like you have everthing in order Draven you should have good results I cut my cycle short but I went from 19.8 down to 16.2 BF and I still wiegh on an empty stomach 222 in the morning

  19. Originally posted by sctxms
    Looks like you have everthing in order Draven you should have good results I cut my cycle short but I went from 19.8 down to 16.2 BF and I still wiegh on an empty stomach 222 in the morning
    Nice! Sorry to hear about your mom, hope everything is ok and you can get back to training soon.
  20. Day 6

    Day 6

    Did legs today and it rocked! Add 20 pounds on my squat but was burnt by the time I reached the leg curls. I think with the stiffy deads and the ext. it might be a bit much for me so I skipped the curls and did the calve raises. All in all it was a great workout.

    Bloat is definitely kicking in but it's made my shoulders look awsome. Tomorrows my official weight in but I don't think I've gained much yet, I'm gonna up my cals another 400 for next week. I don't mind if I put on some fat, I'm just not sure I'm getting enough to compensate for the higher metabolism while "on".
  21. Day 7

    Day 7 - Weight in

    Well today was week one's official weight in. Total body weight is only up a pound, however BF dropped 1.5% giving an LBM gain of 4 pounds (Only 10 LBM more to reach my goal of 160). Not bad but I really want to get my total weight up so I'm gonna up the cals to 4000 for next week.

    Updated the stats page for anyone interested. Updates include meal plan for next week and stats from todays weigh in.

    No pics this week though, the batteries for my digital camera are toasted.

  22. Day 8

    Day 8

    All I can say is AWSOME, AWSOME, AWSOME!!!!!!

    Today did chest and tri's and the **** ROCKED HARD. All lifts were up 5-10 pounds and by the time I was done I felt like I hadn't even done started yet. I swear I dreamt my workout cause I could have done the whole damn thing again. Pumps are friggen awsome too. The fascia streching went way better this week, the pumps gave for an excruciating burn. Nice.

    Stay tuned.....
  23. Day 9

    Day 9

    Total body weights up another pound today, YAY! Did back and Bi's today and all weights are up 10-15 pounds .

  24. Holy **** Draven Keep up the good work, send me some 1test-4ad
  25. Day 12

    Day 12

    Shoulders and traps today. Not much improvement in strength today, just pushed a few extra reps here and there. Jumped on the scale and I'm up another pound TBW. The leaning out I've been experiencing seems to have stopped, which is good. Hopefully my weight will start going up a bit more. It's hard to say exactly how much so far without taking my body fat but it's somewhere around 6 lbs of LBM.

    On another note I've ordered some nolva, my nips are super sensitive today. I got paranoid last night after reading all the gyno threads and started squeezing the **** outta my chest for about a half hour checking and at one point I thought I found something hard but it wasn't near my nip, more like in the crease under my nip and to the left (on left pec). Anyways, I couldn't find it again but last night and today my left nip is SUPER sensitive and sore (I'm sure from playing with it) but I just want to be safe. Unfortunately it'll take a 4-5 days before I get the nolva so hopefully it'll be alright.


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