Draven's SuperONE+ Cycle - comments?

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  1. Nelson
    Nelson's Avatar

    Good work Draven.
    You`ll have to put up a new avatar when you finish the cycle.
    I`ll be following your progress.
    Good Luck.

  2. Day 16

    Will do Nelson.

    Day 16

    Still nothing much to report. Body weight only went up a pound last week which was a bit disappointing but I went out boozing one night with our Director of the Board (kinda thing you don't say no to) and missed a meal and got pretty tanked which I'm sure didn't help. My G/F says I look bigger but hopefully the scale will start moving more significantly. I've upp'd the cals again since I'm still not gaining fat, now taking in 4400 cals a day. I suspect my gains probably would have been better had I started at this amount but I never thought I'd need to go this high considering I'm only 167 pounds.

    Anyways, gonna keep it clean this week, no booze and lotsa sleep, this is suppose to be the BIG week (week 3), so we'll see.

  3. week 3 4 and 5 are killer man

    have fun

  4. K well I'm not sure if the scale is playing tricks on me but I weighed myself this morning and I'm up 4 pounds, now 171 (No clothes, first thing in the morning atfer relieveing myself). I posted yesterday that I was only 167 but that was actually the weight I was on Sunday, 3 days ago, I just assumed I hadn't chnaged, apparently I have... YAY!

  5. Well, just added some new pics to the webpage and updated my over due stats from last week. This week is killer, and definitely holds true to week 3 and 4 being the big gain weeks. Current weight is hovering around 171-172. The pumps during my workouts are INSANE, they're so big they hurt. I did back and Bi's yesterday and by the time I finished my back workout my forearms were so pumped I couldn't hold the damn bar to do my bi's .

    I don't think I've been dosing properly though. I'm at the end of week three, with one left to go, and I still have half a bottle?!?!?!? I think my pump head my be screwed up and I wasn't getting as much as I thought. I've bumped it up to 8 squirts x2 a day to compensate and will just run the cycle till the bottles empty.

    Next weigh-in will be Sunday at which time I'll do my BF and find out exactly how much gain is LBM, I'm definitely holding more water and look very smooth.

  6. Good work Draven I think 200 should be your next goal Bro

  7. Originally posted by sctxms
    Good work Draven I think 200 should be your next goal Bro
    Me too. I think something weird's going on though. I'm in week 4 and should be pretty much almost done my bottle yet I still have 1/3 of it left . I think the pump head my be off and might explain why my gains haven't been great compared to others. I really only started seeing really good pumps and such by the end of last week. I've bumped my daily dose from 12 squirts to 16 and will just run with that till the bottles out... probably an extra week. Hopefully my gains will keep going for this length. I know things usually slow down by week 4 but considering I didn't get the right amount daily I only reached saturation late last week.

  8. Yes the simple fact that your gains took a while to kick in tells me the dosage is too low. When i dose appropriately on ANYTHING fast acting i start gaining muscle by day 4 and most of its over by middle of week 5.

    I would run it until bottle is out since youve underdosed.

  9. No offense to anyone but I have not used anything post cycle like 6-oxo and yet have not had any problems or lost of sex drive. SO WTF is up with that ?? The reason why is my mother is ill and I left my stuff at home I have been off of the super one plus for 15 days. I am still pushing the same weight around so I am a little confused why everyone thinks the need 6-oxo or Trib post cycle?

  10. I think it really depends on the degree of shutdown. If I remember you cut your cycle short so you're natural test production may not have been shut down to the same extent it would had you finished the cycle. I only started to notice a little shrinkage this week which tells me my "giggleberries" are falling into disuse. If I stop now and don't take an anti-e my estrogen levels are gonna sky rocket and my testis will take some time on their own to get rolling again. By blocking estorgen the body attempts to create more by boosting test production, which in turn gets my testis going again.

    Hope that helps.

  11. Draven, you should probably list your stats pumped and flexed next time around. Why? Pumped and flexed is part of bodybuilding. I've never heard of a pro getting up on stage not pumped, and then not bothering to flex. Muscles will change shape and dimensions during a cycle, usually this is most noticable pumped and flexed. JMO.

  12. Thanks for the info Draven

  13. To add what Draven said, everyone reacts differently. There's some people out there who can come off a solid steroid stack without (stupidly) any clomid or nolva and be fine. Others can take a gram of test and not get any signs of gyno. Meanwhile, a third person can take 1-test for 4 weeks and be shut down for a long time if not using proper procedures. Everyone reacts differently to androgens and anabolics, and the reason you use your anti-e's is to be safe and err on the side of caution. If you can get by without, lucky for you, but for the other person who tries the same and does get shut down...they really have no excuse.

  14. I guess I am luck but I started taking some trib just to be safe

  15. Wise choice, take everything you got just to be safe. Even on a low dose, I felt fine until about 4 weeks later and then my boys just stopped on me for a few days...even with a heavy clomid dosing post cycle plus trib, maca, carao, and avena sativa. Also, remember, just because you were lucky once does not mean that will always be the case. ITs better safe then sorry.

  16. Question fro my next cycle I was going to run
    2 bottles T1 Pro six weeks
    burn free test 1gram a day six weeks
    winny 50 mg a day
    when should I start clomid

  17. Originally posted by sctxms
    Question fro my next cycle I was going to run
    2 bottles T1 Pro six weeks
    burn free test 1gram a day six weeks
    winny 50 mg a day
    when should I start clomid

    Weights up to 176 this week, got about 2 days left on my cycle then I'll be starting my 6-oxo.

    Holy crap bro, you're really going all out here aren't you. Unless you plan on using the clomid through your cycle I'd personally start taking the clomid about 2 days before the end of my cycle with something that heavy, but that's just me.

  18. LOL, nice smiley draven.

  19. Sorry Draven to get off topic But I agree 2 days before I complete it I will start the clomid bro Hopefully I will be as ripped as you when I am done. What was your ending BF?

  20. Well, last application tonight. Weight sits right now at 178 and around 10.5% up from 165, 11.5% bf. Overall about a 15 LBM gain and a loss of 1% bf (Although I think my readings are off becuase of water retention. I'll take some new photos this weekend and try to update that chart.

    All in all I'm pretty pleased with how everything went, despite the under dosing for a while there. No sides experienced other than a little shrinkage this week and some itchy nips. Post cycle here I come.

  21. Good **** draven, good luck with post cycle.

  22. thats great bro I do believe the next time you cycle you will hit the 200 pound mark

  23. Nice gains Draven. Sometime last week or so I noticed the new pic, and said to myself damn he put on some size from his last pic. Well now I know why. Congrats.

    BTW I'm up 10 pounds on my cycle starting week 3. =)

  24. Originally posted by NPursuit
    Nice gains Draven. Sometime last week or so I noticed the new pic, and said to myself damn he put on some size from his last pic. Well now I know why. Congrats.

    BTW I'm up 10 pounds on my cycle starting week 3. =)
    Haha, thanks bro. Up10 pounds and only starting week 3, eh? Nice!

  25. Damn Draven.

    I gotta hand it to you. That chart is VERY helpful. Detialed, informative and easy to follow.

    Ok ok enough. It still doesn't mean we are going to go away for the weekend.

    No ****ting bro good job thanks.

    One thing I find especially interesting is the increase in fat BUT also the increase in lean body mass the last week when you upped the dose.

    Ok question why did you stop, because you had predetermined how long you were going to go?

    You obviously were still gaining muslce mass. NOT saying you should have continued.

    I am curious why more guys don't try say a 12 weeks cycle since this is a VERY common way people do an AS cycle.

    I was just looking at your pics and thought Hmmmmmmmmm the first set of pics you are actually bigger. Then I realized those are the after pics. Nice job bro.
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