I need clarification for PCT Cycle

  1. I need clarification for PCT Cycle

    First off, this is my first post, however I have been reading as much as I can about cycling. My first cycle is coming up and I am making sure I have everything I need. My plan is a SD/PP cycle.

    I was thinking of a 4wk Phera plex cycle, followed by a 4 wk Superdrol cycle. The dosages would be:
    20mg/day for 4 wks of PP followed by
    10mg wk 1 SD
    20mg wk 2-3 SD
    20mg/30 mg wk 4 followed up by a PCT.

    Should I decrease the PP on the last day or two or just drop off use and go right to the SD?
    My question is about the tamoxifen citrate (novla) dose. Some things I read said to take it for 3 days following the cycle, others say take it the entire PCT cycle. I have rebound xt, fenugreek and plan on Red yeast, milk thistle and fish oils as well. Should tamoxifen be taken the entire time?

    My goals is just to increase size and strength and this is my first cycle of PH's since back in the 90's when I tried all the 1-ad, 19nor stuff.

    Current weight is 250 at 6'4.

  2. Just want to make sure I am adding correct. You plan on running an 8 week cycle of methylated oral chemicals?

    How long of a PCT were you planning?

    Are you determined to run both chemicals together?
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  3. I would be running the consecutively not concurrently, one cycle would follow the other. I have read several posts here in regards to people running them like this. If I did run them consecutively for 8wk I would follow up with an 8 wk PCT. Would I be better off running a 4 wk cycle of one, the PCT then wait and run a 4wk cycle of the second?

  4. Although I am not one who can speak from experience I would think that your liver, cholesterol, and blood pressure would very much like it if you split it up over 2 different 4 week cycles. I would also think that even though the gains of the two cycles seperately would be less than of one 8 weeker you would have a better chance keeping your gains and then you would have better total gains in the long run. Run the nolva the whole time for PCT as well. But you may want to wait for more experienced to chime in.

  5. I am doing a 3 week PP/3 week SD cycle right now... Just finished the first week of PP. I would not go longer than a 6 week methyl cycle. Most people stop seeing gains after the third week- but if you don't, by all means continue... Also, the sides supposedly get worse after the third week. I would suggest PP @ 10/20/20*bump it to 30mg the last week if you don't see gains with 20- then SD @ 10/20/20* again bump to 30mg if you don't see gains the third week.
    For PCT I really can't recomend much, Nolva would be a good option but I am not going to personally run nolva for pct. My last cycle I used AX PCT and formestane which worked wonders... This cycle I will throw in ActivatE just to see if its any good.



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